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World of Sinatras by Sean O'Connor
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ISBN #1-60513-260-8
JAC #2015-0002



Jack Murdoch, a brilliant, charismatic, Sinatra-obsessed NYC psychiatrist can’t escape the alcohol and rage of his working class past. Sammie, who idolizes his father, has to protect his beautiful, aristocratic French mother from his dad’s attacks till his relationship with Jack becomes an all-out war. Jack abandons them for another woman. As the 60s unravels, so does Sammie. Once a star athlete and student, by 15, his journey is engulfed by alcohol, drugs, vandalism and his rage towards his father. Finally, 1971, Jack returns and breaks into the house for a final confrontation. A hard and bitter resolution is earned by all in this tender, volatile, and at times, very funny play.


Cast of Characters

(Note: Each character is seen at different ages, during different times in their life.)

  • SAM MURDOCH: From ages 4-38. Very bright. Handsome. His eyes lit up with rage, irony, humor and pain. The soul of a poet, the look of a wounded and cornered animal. The wisdom, though, ultimately, to heal. 

  • JACK MURDOCH: From ages 19-46. Electric intelligence. Deeply paranoid. A large man blessed with looks and charisma but devoured, almost mytholigically, by self-hatred. Whiskey fuels his explosive and frightening demise.

  • MARIE MURDOCH: From ages 20-47. Beautiful. An extraordinary openness of soul and emotionality. Eyes devoid of malice. A heart always shadowed, though, by a deep, lingering hurt from early on.

  • ROOSTER: From ages 5-18. The boy next door from Hell. Jack Nicholson with a true criminal streak. Insanely, comically, perhaps tragically rebellious, as if he was programmed from birth. Ultimately, though, a good and solid friend.

  • GLORIA: From ages 4-17. Big brown eyes. Real pretty. Very bright, independent. Real, soulful depth. Positive, strong, not self-annihilative. She will live the life she desires.


Suburban, New Jersey, 1960s.  Just the living room of an upper middle class house.


There is a playing area upstage where the action that occurs outside the home takes place. This area also houses the action that takes place when Sam speaks directly to the audience. The actor who plays Sam (as well as the other actors with their own characters) moves back and forth through the different stages of Sam's life.  Minor alterations of voice and behavior are all that are necessary.  Nothing more.  The others should remain essentially the same person in each different guise. The others should remain essentially the same person in each different guise.  Minor alterations of voice and behavior are all that are necessary.  Nothing more.


Run Time

This play can run straight through without breaking (90-95 minutes) or can separate into Acts I & II after Scene 13.


About this Playwright

A recipient of Grants/Fellowships from the Puffin and Ludwig Vogelstein Foundations, the Pilgrim Project and Blue Mountain center, Sean O'Connor received his B.A. from Columbia University. He was a member of NYC’s Circle Rep as a playwright, and teaches a seminar in Dramatic Writing/Performing at NYU every summer. He has acted in dozens of plays in New York and regional theater, portraying leading roles in television's “All My Children” and “Another World,” as well as features in the films “Copy Shop,” “All Fall Down” and “Trust Us.” O'Connor spent two years as head-writer and performer for the cable TV show “3BTV,” and has written and performed several radio commercials. Visit Sean online at writersean.com 

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Sean O'Connor's "World of Sinatras"

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