The Four Sisters of Bakersfield by Martha Patterson

A dramedy in the vein of Robert Harling's "Steel Magnolias," this is a play about four sisters coping after their mother's suicide. Katherine, the oldest, is the sexy one who always did what she wanted. Sarah, the kooky, neurotic sister, is divorced and has an 18-year-old son in college. Shelby represents the voice of reason but it is over-shadowed by her vanity. Last, but not least, sweet Alyssa is the youngest, struggling mostly with issues a young person should not have to struggle with. Suitors come and go, but in the end, it is within each other where they find their true strength.

Cast Requirements
(4 women, 3 men with doubling)

  • KATHERINE: The oldest of the four sisters, the sexy one who always did what she wanted, 40 or early 40s
  • SARAH: The kooky, neurotic sister, 35, divorced, has an 18-year old son in college
  • SHELBY: The sane sister, 30-ish, but vain about her appearance
  • ALYSSA: The youngest, the one who never knew what she wanted, 20-25
  • MARCUS: The European undertaker who comes to visit, late 30s-early 40s
  • MINISTER: (Can double with JOE), 30s-50s, brief appearance
  • MAURICE: An accountant who collects coins and is new at Alyssa's firm, in his 30-40s
  • JOE: (Can double with MINISTER), a camera-operating director of TV commercials, in his 30s

The present. The ramshackle living room and kitchen of four single sisters living in California.

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The Four Sisters of Bakersfield by Martha Patterson
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