The Maid's Day Off by Martha Patterson

This is a full-length comedy about Sophia, a young, struggling American actress who is shacking up with Nick, an aging, semi-retired English rock star in London. With booze flowing freely, their talk ranges from Shakespeare to interracial marriages, snooty shopkeepers, and Sophia's career as an actress. Impatient with Sophia, Nick sends her packing. When they meet five years later in New York, Sophia is now a successful but troubled film star. Will they connect this time, or will their conversation revolve mostly around Nick's obsession with losing his current maid?

Cast of Characters
(3 males, 2 females, with doubling, in the order in which they speak.)

NICK: 48, a semi-retired English rock singer/songwriter, shrewd and cynical. In the play he plays rudimentary guitar and is very good on the harmonica.
SOPHIA: An American fan and would-be actress in her 20s who spends most of her time with Nick. Lively and exuberant.
KEVIN: Also in his 40s, the English guitar player from Nick's band who has co-written most of their songs. In the play he also plays guitar, quite well.
ROCKY: Doubles as Robbo. Nick's friend and another colorful English member of his band. In his 40s.
ANNA: 25: An American student, employed as a maid in Nick's household, who has a boyfriend she is quite interested in. Romantic and very respectful.
ROBBO: Doubles as Rocky. A rock star, 29, Irish, who visits Nick one afternoon.

The Setting
The present. In Act I, there are eight scenes; they all take place in the living room of a London townhouse belonging to Nick, until Act II, in which there are five scenes, when he has moved to New York five years later.

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The Maid's Day Off by Martha Patterson
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