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The Wright Place by Judith Pratt

ISBN #1-933159-87-1


HELEN TOLL: 30 to 80. Beleaguered.
Helen’s husband, 30 to 80. Pedantic but a peacemaker.
Helen’s mother, 50 to 80. In charge.
Helen and Frank's daughter, 40s. Also plays herself as a child.
Lee's best friend, 40s. Also plays herself as a child.
Frank's younger brother. Likes to joke.
Ralph's wife. Likes to laugh.


Plot Summary
Little girls like to play house, and grown women sometimes spend their lives trying to make those dream houses come true. That quest mires Lee and her mother Helen in the past in this play about the seductive nature of home and family.  The only house for Lee is her grandmother Martha’s place, where she spent summers as a child. While waiting for that perfect home, Lee never chooses or commits to a home of her own. When Martha Wright dies and Helen decides to sell the Wright place, a convoluted family struggle begins. Meanwhile, Lee’s best friend Diana goes on a lifelong search for the ideal house and family; a journey that takes her from a hippie farm to a suburban paradise, and from a traveling camper to a church shelter.


The Setting
The house where Martha Wright and her husband started married life in 1918. It's in an oceanside town in New England, where Martha grew up and raised her daughter Helen, and where Helen's husband Frank grew up. Wicker or bamboo furniture for the yard and sunporch, and a big table for the kitchen and dining room.

Diana’s many houses, represented by props or set pieces brought in by Lee and Diana.

The Time - 1953-1990; 1994-95.


About This Playwright

JUDITH PRATT is a published, produced playwright who has also been an actor, director, critic and theatre professor. All of her plays have great roles for women and go for the theatricality rather than realism. Her plays have been produced in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Kansas City (MO), Austin (TX) and Ithaca (NY). They have been read at Edward Albee's Great Plains Theatre Conference, the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, and the Southampton Writers Workshop. Most recently, her full-length Spiralling was work-shopped by the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre in Kansas City. Pratt is a member of Wolf's Mouth Theatre Collective, the Dramatists Guild and the International Center for Women Playwrights. She also works as a free-lance writer for business and higher education, and as a public speaking coach. Visit her online at www.judithpratt.com.



Wright Place is Wright On by Susan R. Trauschon
Judith Pratt captures the New England soul in this play centered on an old old house and the importance of owning a place of one's own. Wonderful crusty characters -- and those who rebel against crust. A mother and a daughter sit across the kitchen table from each other but can't understand why they are not in the same place. The play captures the stresses, strains, and memories -- beautiful and painful -- that take hold as relatives try to decide what to do with the family homestead.


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