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Evening Star Rising by Lon E. Rogers

ISBN #1-60513-151-2
JAC #2012-0007


Cast of Characters

  • LAURA ENDERS: age 27, a graduate student in psychology.

  • KEVIN LANDIS: age 19, a convicted murderer.

  • RICHARD DANIELS: age 19, the ex-roommate of Kevin.

  • JENNIFER CARTER: age 19, Kevin’s girlfriend.

  • DAREN MOORE: age 27, fiancé of Laura.

  • FATHER MACK: age 45, Kevin’s priest.

  • DOCTOR SYLVIA CARLYLE: about 60, Laura’s no-nonsense, faculty advisor.

  • PRISON GUARD: age 25 - 55. (Virtually a walk-on role.)


Nineteen-year-old Kevin Landis sits on death row for a murder he did not commit. Or did he? Laura Enders, a graduate student in psychology is writing her doctorate dissertation on the characteristics of the young criminal mind. Her objective is to find behavioral markers for the early detection of criminality—a litmus test for sociopathy. She obtains permission from the prison warden to study Kevin. In an attempt to formulate an extensive psychological profile, she interviews Kevin in depth and over an extended period of time. She also takes statements from his girlfriend, his priest, his family, and his best friend. The story takes a ominous turn when Laura loses all professional objectivity and bonds emotionally with Kevin. Convinced of Kevin’s innocence, Laura sets out to win a new trial for him, and to write a book hoping to sway public opinion against the death penalty.

Evening Star Rising avoids the hackneyed arguments pro and con of this politically sensitive issue. Instead, this story puts a human face on the condemned. The viewers are invited to draw their own conclusions about Kevin, whose proof of guilt, as Laura discovers, falls short of the legal standard for conviction: guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


About this Playwright

LON ROGERS resides in Dallas, Texas. His published credits include a novel, The Between Season, and stage plays, Kierkegaard's Gambit, Evening Star Rising, Second Son, and Losing Daniel, in addition to articles published in the medical literature. The play Captive Minds was a winner of the 2012 Denton Community Theatre Playwriting Festival. Losing Daniel was selected for a staged reading in the Winter Reading Contest by the Texas Dramatists 2008 and won Honorable Mention in the Stage West Playwriting Competition, Fort Worth, Texas 2008. As a teacher of English as a second language, Lon Rogers has written 60 reading lessons, as stories with worksheets, for ESL students. The lessons are combined into two separate PDF files of thirty lessons each. All are offered—free of charge—to all ESL students, teachers and schools. The lessons may be viewed and/or downloaded as PDF files at www.tenplustwenty.com. Lon Rogers is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.


Evening Star Rising by Lon Rogers

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