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Sons of Bennett by Lon E. Rogers

ISBN #1-60513-263-2
JAC #2015-0005

Cast of Characters

  • LUKE & JARED LANDIS: 22. Twins, portrayed by the same actor
  • MARTHA LANDIS: Late 40s, mother of the twins
  • BENNETT LANDIS: Late 40s, father of the twins
  • VICKIE LANDIS: 23, Jared’s wife
  • TAMMY CARRICO: 22, friend of Luke
  • CALVIN JENKINS: 30+, street friend of Luke
  • PAPPY THOMAS: 70s, Martha’s father

Based on the parable of the prodigal son, Sons of Bennett tells the story of a pair of identical twins whose lives take very different paths: "good son" Jared holds to the traditional values of the family, whereas the troubled Luke falls into a life of promiscuity and addiction, eventually finding himself homeless on the mean streets of Chicago. When Jared falls ill and requires a kidney transplant to survive, the family reaches out to Luke, but a shocking betrayal alters the images of the estranged twins.

A recent year in Dallas, Texas. A comfortable sitting room of a typical middle class, American family. Furniture and props can be minimal although the following are suggested: a couch, a rocker, an easy chair, a wheelchair, a coffee table and a desk or table.

About this Playwright

LON ROGERS resides in Dallas, Texas. His published credits include a novel, The Between Season, and stage plays, Kierkegaard's Gambit, Evening Star Rising, Second Son, and Losing Daniel, in addition to articles published in the medical literature. The play Captive Minds was a winner of the 2012 Denton Community Theatre Playwriting Festival. Losing Daniel was selected for a staged reading in the Winter Reading Contest by the Texas Dramatists 2008 and won Honorable Mention in the Stage West Playwriting Competition, Fort Worth, Texas 2008. As a teacher of English as a second language, Lon Rogers has written 60 reading lessons, as stories with worksheets, for ESL students. The lessons are combined into two separate PDF files of thirty lessons each. All are offered—free of charge—to all ESL students, teachers and schools. The lessons may be viewed and/or downloaded as PDF files at www.tenplustwenty.com. Lon Rogers is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Sons of Bennett by Lon Rogers

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