Crystal by Fred Rohan Vargas


Set in a suburban community of eastern Pennsylvania, Crystal takes place in an abandoned woodshed, circa 1981. Andy, 17, has left the body of a 16-year-old girl under the floor. Hoping to gain status with two close friends, Ralph and Joey, he brings them to view the body. When they return the next day, however, the hole under the floor is empty, and Crystal, the girl, appears soiled and livid from outside. What follows is an intense and gritty character study of teens whose behavior is a mirror of the chaotic world outside the shed. Overweight and insecure, Andy takes out his frustrations on the women around him; Ralph hides his pain at his brother's death behind a thickening emotional wall; Joey will do almost anything to dispel his all-American boy image; and Crystal's search for love leads instead to violence. Insightful, compassionate, Crystal provides a startling glimpse into four desperate young lives. Crystal was originally produced by The Latino Experimental Fantastic Theatre in New York City in 2001, directed by Gabriel Gorces. In the original cast were Bridget Barkan, Omar Hernandez, Emanuel Loarca, Ken Mayo, Erzulie Mendoza and Julio Mercedes.


Cast of Characters

  • ANDY: 17. A little on the heavy side. Stands about 5'11" to 6'.

  • RALPH: 17. Medium build. Stands about 5'9" to 5'11".

  • JOEY: 15. Well built. Stands about 5'6" to 5'8".

  • CRYSTAL: 16. An attractive, sensuous looking girl.

he Setting

A woodshed in a bedroom community of Eastern Pennsylvania. The walls and portions of the floor, are covered with old tools, lumber, a few crates and barrels and useless junk. Upstage right, a loft stands six feet from the floor. A ladder leans against it. Two windows are located on both sides of the shed. The door is upstage off center. Downstage left is a door trap covered by a dusty Persian rug. Downstage right sits a potbelly stove.



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CRYSTAL by Fred Rohan Vargas
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