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Kitchen Recipes by Steve A. Rowell

ISBN #1-933159-21-9

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  • JAMES SANDERS - Male seen from his teens to 50s. A disenfranchised individual who looks to television to fill his emotional void. He is the middle child, striving for his father’s approval and traumatized by his mother’s death.
  • ALBERT SANDERS - Male seen from his 20s to his 80s. He is desperately trying to hold his fragile family together. WWII veteran who marries his school sweetheart. Tries to create the perfect 50s life and family, only to come up with something totally different—totally American.
  • ROSE SANDERS - Female seen from her early-20s to late-40s. A mentally disturbed wife and mother who has trouble coping with the freedom of suburbia. She sacrifices her family life and pays the price.
  • BETTY SANDERS - Female seen from her teens to early 50s. The oldest child, she is a lesbian trying to cope with her sexual preference and her family through the 1950s and 1960s.
  • CHARLES SANDERS - Male seen from his teens to his 50s. Lost soul searching for personal satisfaction. The youngest of the siblings, he is given everything, not allowed to grow until he gives it all away.
  • NARRATOR - An unchanging ghostlike presence that guides the audience through the lives of the family by means of a television cooking show. A reflection of 50’s TV. Sees the plot in simple, bold strokes.
  • ENSEMBLE: Actor #1 - Female late 20s. Portrays Lizzy Evans - neighbor and friend of Rose; Actor #2 - Female late 20s. Portrays Jane Franks - neighbor and friend of Rose, and the Woman who inhabits house after the Sanders; Actor #3 - Male early-30s. Portrays Ken Franks - Neighbor who seduces Rose, and the Psychiatrist who examines James; and Actor #4 - Male early-30s. Portrays Dan Evans - Neighbor and friend of Albert, Realtor and the Man who inhabits house after the Sanders.


Kitchen Recipes is a full-length dramatic play in two acts told in a non-linear format. The play depicts a family starting out in the 1950s in suburbia and follows them for sixty years. It incorporates a narrator who drifts through the play and the players representing their lives in cooking metaphors.

The Setting

Unit set: a kitchen that is remodeled between acts.

Author Biography
Playwright Steve Rowell is a resident of Lake Mary, Florida. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild, Central Florida Theatre Alliance, and the Playwright’s Round Table as well as a member of the board of directors for the Florida Children's Repertory Theatre. Rowell participated in the first CFTA “Play in A Day” and has been produced locally by Playwright’s Round Table, Southern Winds Theatre, The Peoples Theatre, and Performance Space Orlando. He wrote a monologue for the City of Orlando’s Millennium Celebration at Lake Eola. Steve’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol - “Tiny Tim; A Christmas Carol Revisited” will debut this winter at the Main Street Theatre in Mansfield, Texas.  For more information, visit Steve online at www.stevearowell.com.


"I find the play to be sensitive, with interesting character and relationships. It's also interesting theatrically, with the device of going back and forth in time. The device of the cooking show narration is good—just what we want to do with this theatre company.” - Lorree True, Director, Deptford Players, New York

“Rowell’s Kitchen Recipes dishes up a filling offering with distinct flavors and textures. It depicts the new culture shaped by the suburbs. Rowell’s use of culinary metaphors provides a welcome contrast to a stern tale told with intelligence and understanding.” -Susan Rowland, Limelight Theatre, St. Augustine, FL

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