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Annie's Story by Laura L. Sheperd

ISBN #1-60513-051-6
JAC #2009-0021

The Cast

  • ANNIE: Age 12/Age 22-25: Annie is a precocious yet often lonely adolescent who is accused of improper behavior. At age 22-25 she returns to her Grandparents’ home, where she grew up.

  • CLINT: 50-70: Annie’s Grandfather. He is a bitter, socially inept man who takes out his frustration with life by verbally and physically abusing his wife and granddaughter.

  • OPAL: 50-70: Annie’s Grandmother. As a battered 50’s wife she feels she must put her own safety and happiness aside to protect Annie. Years later she draws on the inner strength she has always possessed.

  • RITA: 23-26: Annie’s older sister. She is strong willed and street smart. In spite of her strength she carries the pain caused by events in her own difficult childhood.

  • HOMER: 50+: As a neighbor, friend and father figure to Annie he has her unconditional trust. Homer is possibly the wealthiest man in town. He relishes and then abuses the social power he possesses.

  • EVA: 50+: Homer’s wife. She is a cold and spiteful woman who is very protective of the control and power her social position in the community afford her.

  • HILDA BANKS: 45+: A member of Eva’s social group and wife to the grade school principal. Hilda envies Eva and covets Eva’s social standing. She suffers the shame of being married to an alcoholic womanizer.

  • BERNICE JOHNSON:35-50: Also a member of Eva’s social group and wife to the town minister. She is a follower and seeks advice and validation from Eva.

  • MARGARET: 40+: As Opal’s closest and only true friend, Margaret is outspoken and very much ahead of her time. Margaret proves to be Annie’s only childhood friend as well.


Annie is taken by her Grandparents from her family at an early age and is raised by them during the late 1950s. She is subjected to abuse at the hands of her Grandfather and, as an adolescent, is accused of improper behavior by members of the small town community in which they live. As a young woman of 23, she returns to her Grandparents’ home accompanied by her sister. The two sisters travel together in an effort to get to know one another. Her sister has also come along to lend Annie moral support as she breaks the news to her Grandparents that the man she plans to marry is of a different race. As the relationship between the two sisters develops, they confide in each other only to discover they share a disturbing family secret.

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Annie's Story

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