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Bet A Million by Larry Sullivan

ISBN #1-933159-22-7

Cast Requirements:

  • AMANDA THOMPSON: When dressed up, she’s attractive, but in the opening, she is not. Amanda’s banter with Charlie is always light and frolicsome. She speaks with a certain amount of innocence, as if she did not realize what she had said. Ultimately, she wins and knows exactly how to get around Charlie.
  • CHARLES THOMPSON: A semi-executive on Wall Street, Charlie is going downhill by the minute. He is an Associate Partner—which amounts to nothing more than his title. He is quite concerned about losing his job—ergo, a little jittery and maybe a bit more on edge than he would normally be.
  • JULIE THOMPSON: A college student, intelligent and attractive, possessing some so-called old-fashioned but very lady-like ideals.
  • ROBERT CASSIDY: Handsome, with an outdoor look about him. Bob displays a certain amount of innocence—the kind of person you’d trust right away. He is a perfect match for Julie. He is somewhat bewildered in his new job at the same firm as Charlie.
  • TONY BANANTI: The con man to end all con men. Every woman in the world wants him… or so he thinks.
  • LOUIS WADE: President (by inheritance) of a Wall Street company. He has never worked a day in his life. The best he can hope for is to find the building each morning. Neurotic, psychotic and anything else you can think of.

The Setting

Act One
Scene 1: The New York City apartment of the Thompson family. About 1:00pm.
Scene 2: A Wall Street brokerage firm, near the close of the market.

Act Two
Scene 1: The remainder of the play takes place in the Thompson’s apartment, three days later.
Scene 2: Two hours later.

Act Three
Scene 1: The next day, about noon.

Plot Summary

This side-splitting comedy rides the wave of the glory days of Wall Street when every investment was poised to strike gold and every investor was part of the Gold Rush! Bet A Million is a fast-paced farce with lots of slamming doors, mistaken identities, and romantic complications. You will meet Amanda and Charlie Thompson, a sophisticated New York couple, their college-aged daughter, Julie, and her real-life “Prince Charming”, Bob. Then completing the ensemble of wacky characters is Tony, the Wall Street Cassanova, and Lou Wade, the idiosyncratic president of Wade & Company. The show-stopping celebratory dinner party will have you howling. You’ll truly enjoy this inventive and humorous foray into the world of stock market mayhem where a slightly under-handed (yet totally legal) deal wows the wizards of Wall Street.

Author Biography
Larry Sullivan
may look familiar, having appeared in movies with Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Jean Stapleton and Judge Reinhold. From kindergartens to colleges to concert stages, storyteller Larry Sullivan will create a mesmerizing performance for any age: lively songs, riddles, tongue twisters, boo jokes, heart thumping mysteries, funny stories, and rhythmic games--including a rhythm band for kindergarten and preschool. He will promote literacy, social consciousness, cooperative learning, and have as much fun as possible. For schools needing curriculum enrichment, Larry can also help develop workshops on storytelling technique, video production, acting, directing, playwriting, and oral presentation.  Touring the United States with his interactive storytelling shows for groups and all ages and sizes, Larry mesmerizes and enchants all audiences.  For more information about him, visit www.larrysullivan.info.

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“Setting off a series of hilarious events…” - The Knoxville News-Sentinel

“This play has a lot more going for it than some plays that open on Broadway”
- New York Times Herald Record

“Bet A Million’s dinner scene is hysterical and a meal no one is likely to forget.”
- Amarillo Express

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$35/performance royalty

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