The Home Front  by J.C. Svec

This play was a finalist in the 4th New Jersey Playwright's Contest!


Three women, "Rosie the Riveters," are trapped in their Bronx factory during a blizzard. Lillian, Marion and Margaret, best friends since high school, come to the conclusion that they have not gotten through the trials and tribulations of war, together, as promised. Eventually they realize they have already moved on with their own personal lives without involving each other.

 Cast of Characters

  • MARION*: Outgoing, opinionated and finding her own way to involve herself in the war effort.
  • LILLIAN (Lil)*: Quiet and a bit naive. Secretly engaged to James and Charlie's younger sister.
  • MARGARET*: The only married girl of the three, her husband is missing in action somewhere in Italy.
  • JAMES (Jimmy): Factory foreman and Charlie's best friend. His repeated tries to enlist are thwarted by poor eyesight. Very together and very much in love with Lillian. He is a bespectacled and good looking man in his twenties.
  • CHARLIE: Lillian's older brother. He has not been heard from since he left home to enlist.

*Marion, Lillian and Margaret are all in the early twenties, best friends from High School. They are doing their best to serve their country and friendships.

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Production History

The Home Front received a staged reading as a Finalist in the New Jersey One-Acts Play Festival at William Paterson University, Paterson, New Jersey in October, 2007. The Home Front premiered at The Deetjen Theatre of The Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, New Jersey, in May of 2005 with the following cast:

MARION - Alana Sivin
LILLIAN (LIL) - Antonia Amico
MARGARET - Vicky Schalk
JIMMY (JAMES) - Phil Fandel
CHARLIE - Jeff Festa