Lilly's Room  by J.C. Svec



Several years after the disappearance of her little girl, Lilly, and the suicide of her heartbroken husband, Amanda Grace is finally ready to move on and resume her life. John “Blue” Moon has just buried his wife and is saddled with a little girl he knows he is incapable of caring for, under any circumstances. Detective Em Marshall is burdened with a past that refuses to let her live in the present. All roads from the three lives finally converge at one time with the arrival of grifter, Vonda Moon, who has returned to Bay City to once again wreak havoc on the downtrodden trio. Vonda, the mastermind behind Lilly’s kidnapping, is scheming and looking for one last, big score. Again, the target of her focus is Amanda Grace. Befriending the still grieving mother, Vonda plans to return her daughter for a price, both monetary and human. Will she succeed is up to the actions detective assigned to the case and, now, Amanda’s only friend… who also happens to be Vonda’s former lover!


Cast of Characters 

  • VONDA MOON  - Late 20’s to Early 30’s. A bohemian grifter who will say and do anything to get what she wants, when she wants.  A brilliant schemer and manipulator who, one way or another, always gets her way.  

  • JOHN “BLUE” MOON - Vonda’s slightly older brother.  He inadvertently has been trapped in his sister’s criminal and carefree lifestyle.  Internal demons and a simple, unavoidable, association with Vonda will lead to his ultimate demise.  A deeply troubled individual who’s past will never allow for happiness.

  • AMANDA GRACE - Lilly’s mommy.  A young woman in her early 30’s,  who has aged emotionally  and mentally beyond her years due to the tragedies in her life.   She is finally on the verge of moving on and escaping from being a  prisoner in her own home… and mind.

  • EM MARSHALL   - A stoic, reserved and haunted small town police detective in her 30’s. She is burdened with more heartache and secrets than anyone person should ever have to deal with.  Her conscious and guilt will eventually lead to her atonement and demise.


Bay City, New Jersey, 1988.  On opposite sides of the stage, Amanda’s kitchen and Blue’s living room.  A central playing area for all other scenes. The actors should be able to freely move from and through each area to the next during light changes.  Elevated and upstage center, the omnipresent and adorned bedroom door to Lilly’s room.


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