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Bludgeon the Lime by Michael Weems

Cast of Characters
2 males, 5 women

  • LYNN WILLIAMS: Late 20s–late 30s. Lesbian singer with her own tour. Won’t change her name until her partner pays attention.

  • MORGAN WHITE: Late 20s–mid-30s. Lesbian lawyer. At odds with her sexuality and keeps it hidden at work.

  • DONNA KELLY: Late 30s–early 40s. Square and reserved. Wants to live the life of no stress and her numerous societies and clubs.

  • DR. HAROLD "Hal" KELLY: Mid 30s–early 50s. Mellow and low key. Doctor at small hospital. Wants to start life over again.

  • AGATHA MYERS: Late 30s–early 40s. Runs the resort.

  • RUBY MYERS: Late teens–early 20s. Refuses to accept her mother as a role model. Pretty and she knows it.

  • HENRY MILLS: Late teens–early 20s. Works as an extra for tv chase show. Athletic and handsome. Nice, readily confused, kid. Hired to help at the resort.

Plot Summary

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, change the locks.”

Bludgeon the Lime finds two couples— a tried and tired doctor and his society wife and a young lesbian couple who aren’t quite revealed to the public— entering couples therapy to save their relationships. They meet Agatha who has instituted ‘separation therapy’ in hopes to reconnect her wayward clients. When the therapy goes awry, they each find a certain truth in distance from their significant others, and are faced with the choice of accepting this or breaking the rules to reach their desire. Bludgeon the Lime tells a comical tale that explores these divergent relationships and shows how a little space to breathe can do wonders.

The Setting

Scene 1: The Kelly’s home. Mid April. Late evening. There is a sofa, chair and television.
Scene 2: Agatha’s office. Mid April. Evening. There is a desk and three chairs.
Scene 3: The Kelly’s home. Early May. Late afternoon.
Scene 4: Lynne’s Trailer. Later that night. There is a sofa and two chairs.
Scene 5-8: The Cabana: Mid May. Evening. There is a simple bar, several deck chairs
and a small table.
Scene 1-3: The Cabana. The next day.
Scene 4: Lynne/Morgan’s Room. The next day. There is a sofa and chair.
Scene 5: The Cabana. Later that day
Scene 6: The Cabana. Two weeks later

About This Playwright

MICHAEL WEEMS is a Houston-based writer, playwright and actor.  Recent playwriting credits include:  Bludgeon the Lime (Phare Play Productions);  Synchronicity (Love Creek Productions); Fragments and Onward, Forward (Little Hibiscus Productions), Subtlety (Chattanooga State Community College), Laugh Riot (The Seven Collective); Burden Me (Strawberry Riant Festival); Ready to Shine (Brief Acts); Blown Away (Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga); A Fondness for Aqua Net (n.u.f.a.n ensemble) and Run Run Away (Changing Scene Theatre’s Summer Play 2011).  Recent plays published include: Fragments (Next Stage Press); Bludgeon the Lime (JAC); Scattered Arranged (Independent Playwrights); Synchronicity (Plays – The Drama Magazine for Young Audiences, and a selected monologue  for Meriwether Publishing Limited in their upcoming collection, Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays: Volume 3.  His one act Subtlety was named 'Outstanding Play' by the Curan Rep Notes from the Underground Festival, and Waiting Life was named as a top 10 finalist in Saint Mary Hall's "Spring Shorts" 10 Minute Play Fest in San Antonio (TX).  Thanks to my loves, Christine, Thomas & Jack.  Visit Michael online at www.michaeltweems.com.

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Bludgeon the Lime by Michael Weems

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Michael Weems is also a contributor to our collection of monologues, interJACtions, Volume 1
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