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Where There's a Will, There's... by Ryan Williams

ISBN 1-60513-110-5
JAC #2011-0015

The Cast
  • MR. KRANDLE: Any age. The owner of the B&B. easily flustered and not great at thinking on his feet. He has a dark secret.
  • MRS. KRANDLE: Any age. The Wife and co-owner of the B&B. She is calmer than her husband but is an obsessive neat freak.
  • RICHARD RAWLINGS: 60s-70s. A cantankerous old Englishman.
  • JIMMY: 20s-30s. African American. Richards’ son, he has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and is trying to have his father killed.
  • LILI: 30s-40s. Richard’s soon to be ex-wife. Not a nice person.
  • JEFFERSON: 50s-60s. African American. The former butler to Richard who is now serving Lili. He is the real father of Jimmy and Melissa.
  • MELISSA: 20s-30s. African American. Richards daughter. The nicest among the group.
  • MARIAH: 20s-30s. Richard’s hot young assistant. She is also having an affair with him.
  • INSPECTOR FOX: Any age. The local detective. Apparently obsessed with Ninjas and a bit of a moron. But it is all an act. He is the real killer, and uses the stories about ninjas to cover his crimes.
  • PHIL: Any age. The audience member. Phil appears stupid, but only in so far as that he exists outside the realm of the play. Cocky and self assured, he just makes everything worse.


Set in a small bed and breakfast in the English country side, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Krandle. A wealthy Englishman has rented out the Inn to bring his family together to discuss his final will and testament. The beneficiaries arrive one by one prepared to find out what they stand to gain. One small problem crops up; Richard is murdered in his room, and everyone has a motive. The local detective, Inspector Fox arrives, but is convinced that the murder can only be the work of a roving team of ninjas. At this point, a member of the audience has had enough and decides to interject, wrenching the play off the tracks. He is dragged on stage and forced to play the role of the detective, the fourth wall is shattered, characters are irretrievably broken, and the mad dash to bring the show to a conclusion is on.


The interior of a small bed and breakfast in the English country side. There is an entrance from the outside, a door to the kitchen, and a door to the study. Up stage there is a doorway with stairs leading up and offstage. A large grandfather clock is on the upstage wall near the front door. A large cabinet is upstage left of the stairs. Downstage is a small couch and some chairs around a table. There is a bar downstage of the front door.

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Where There's a Will, There's...

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