Licensing Our Plays

Royalties noted in the JAC Publishing & Promotions Online Library are for live stage productions by professional, regional and amateur groups with maximum seating capacities of 400. Special arrangements must be made by groups with larger seating capacities, for television and radio broadcasting and for any other use. Please note that productions may not be videotaped without prior arrangement with JAC Publishing & Promotions.

Royalties compensate authors and owners for the use of their works and are applicable to all performances before an audience, whether or not admission is charged. 

Purchase of an individual script is a flat rate, as indicated in the catalog.  Purchase of a play package (not the single script, but the full package of performance scripts including one for each actor, the director and producer/stage manager) is a statement of the buyer's intent to produce the production.  The initial purchase of a play package is mandatory when producing any of JAC's plays, and does not include royalty fees. A PER PERFORMANCE royalty is charged separately.  Consult our catalog or each play's page for applicable fees, individual to each script.

At the point of performance agreement, notification of production dates must be provided to JAC Publishing & Promotions and royalties are due no later than one week prior to production opening. 

Rights & Restrictions

All plays published by JAC Publishing & Promotions are protected by copyright laws and conventions. It is an infringement of copyright law to give a performance or reading of any such play or excerpt without the prior consent of JAC Publishing & Promotions. It is also a violation of copyright law to copy part or all of a play by any means, including typewriter, photocopy, videotape or computers.

We are sometimes required to restrict or slightly restrict availability. Slightly restricted means there are certain time and territorial limitations in effect. Restrictions listed in our catalogues are as of July 1999 and may change without notice. We will be happy to advise you of availability in your area; please check before scheduling a production.

The play will be presented as it appears in published form and the author's intent will be respected in production. No changes, interpolations, or deletions in the text, lyrics, music, title or gender of the characters shall be made for the purpose of production without authorization from JAC Publishing & Promotions and the Author (if available). This includes changes or updating the time and place/setting of the play, changing the gender of characters, or cutting a piece for festival participation or competition. All requests to alter the play in any manner must be submitted in writing at least one month in advance of intended production.

Production Requirements

Whenever a play is produced, due authorship credit must be given on all programs, printing and advertising for the play, along with recognition being given in the production program to the publishing agency, "JAC Publishing & Promotions, P.O. Box 88, Burlington, MA  01803".


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