Publish with JAC

Are you a playwright trying to get published?  Have you investigated your options with JAC Publishing & Promotions?  Take note of our NOTs and GOTs...

  • Your work has NOT had to have won any awards;.

  • Your work has NOT had to have been produced anywhere previously;

  • Your work does NOT have to be a full-length play.

  • Your work has GOT to be an enjoyable read, and not include anything that might be deemed offensive by our play-reading committee (a group of extremely open-minded individuals).

  • Your Work has GOT to be a quality work*, 'produceable' by a theater company of any size, or a staged-reading group. 

  • Your work has GOT to be in a final format, not incomplete or in outline.  (Apologies, but we are not accepting musicals, right now).

  • Most importantly, your work has GOT to be submitted, otherwise - we can't help you!

*PLEASE NOTE: JAC is NOT a "vanity" publishing house.  We are selective about the plays and books we include in our library and reserve the right to decline submissions we do not feel we would be successful promoting or getting produced for any reason.

JAC Publishing & Promotions wants to work with playwrights/authors toward getting their work/s seen and recognized. Our fully-functional website, as well as our relationship as a bookseller on and thru Amazon's Kindle, promote these works and provide an electronic method of purchasing your scripts.  Then, we utilize many different avenues to additionally promote works and make efforts to get productions mounted. Subsequently, you will receive proceeds from each script sale, as well as royalties from every production launched thereafter.  You work with us, we'll work for you!

What does all this cost, you ask?  Glad you asked.  Here are the fees you can anticipate while you're considering JAC as a potential publisher:

  • PRE-publication, playwrights can assume there will be an initial investment as applicable:

    • $300 for compilations or books;

    • $250 for full-length plays;

    • $150 for one-act plays;

    • $75 for short plays.

This fee is payable upon return of the signed Agreement. In return, Playwrights/Authors will receive all of JAC's layout, design and preparation services, including public relations once it is released.

This is all explained, as well as all of JAC's terms and conditions in our standard Publisher's Agreement.  Please read it before you submit your work to make sure JAC is the Publisher you'd like representing you.  Once you've reviewed everything and have decided to submit your works for consideration, collect the things we need to start the review process:

  • You must submit your script electronically (as .txt, .doc or PDF) or on CD;

  • You must include complete contact information, including a full mailing address and telephone number.  If you have an email address and/or website, please include them, as well.

  • You must include a 100-150 (no more) word summary/description of the play;

  • You must include a character list & breakdown;

  • You must include a properties listing (if applicable);

  • You must include a costume plot (if applicable);

  • If available, include any historical information regarding the development of the work, such as workshop productions given (and their locations), original cast list, etc.

Once all of these things are collected, please send to:, or via mail to JAC Publishing & Promotions, P.O. Box 88, Burlington, MA  01803. 

You will be notified immediately when your materials have been received, and then contacted via "e" or "snail mail" to let you know if your script has been accepted for inclusion in JAC's library or declined.  If declined, we always try to be helpful by explaining the reasoning behind WHY something didn't work for us.   There is NO charge for this review process.

THANK YOU for considering JAC as a publisher and marketing agent for your work!  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


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