The Ghost and Josh Gibson by Robert Joseph Ahola

Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige, both black and arguably the two greatest baseball players who ever lived, meet on a warm winter night in 1947 just before Jackie Robinson is brought up to the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first African American ever to play Major League Baseball. A poignant last encounter between two baseball legends takes place when pitcher, Satchel, learns that Josh ("The Black Babe Ruth") is dying of terminal brain cancer.*

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: Although the baseball records, career highlights, professional association and personal friendship of these two are established, some details have been altered for dramatic impact.

The Cast

  • MIRANDA GIBSON: Josh Gibson’s attractive unmarried sister; a black woman about 30.
  • JOSH GIBSON: A massive, powerful (but obviously ailing) black ballplayer, about 35.
  • SATCHEL PAIGE: A tall, lean, nattily attired, black pitcher of some renown in his 40s.
  • ANNOUNCER 1: A younger white announcer a la Bill Stern.
  • ANNOUCER 2: An old, white ball player and baseball professional.

The Setting

Scene 1: Announcer’s Booth. Radio Show.
Scene 2: Josh Gibson’s Living Room in Georgia. March. 1947.
Scene 3: The Same Living Room in October 1948.
Scene 3A: (Simultaneously) Announcers Booth on the fly space.

"funny, poignant portrayal of the last meeting of Negro" ... by Amazon Customer
"A warm, funny, poignant portrayal of the last meeting of Negro League legends Satchell Paige and Josh Gibson. Brilliantly done."

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