Finding the Greater Fool by Robert Joseph Ahola


The Rogues Roundtable – an annual convention of the world's most renowned con artists, forgers and swindlers – convenes in Ibiza, Spain every year. In the midst of this, an elite core group of multi-millionaire bunko artists are holding a cocktail party to find new ways to spend their ill-gotten gains. Joining them a beautiful new entrepreneur has come in with their annual report, and a brilliant new way to invest their money "legitimately."

The Cast

  • RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN (“Brinsley”): Proudly, he takes as his namesake the author of School for Scandal and his own organization, Rogues’ Roundtable.” “Brinsley” to his friends, he is in his fifties and is very wise in the ways of human nature (all things of darkness and light).

  • THEODORE GERICAULT (Teddy): An art forger of world renown, Teddy has even taken the name of a famous neo-romantic French master, and laughs about the fact that practically no one even recognizes the nom de plume. A surprisingly uncomplicated man with a unique outlook on life, he seems more at peace with himself than the rest.

  • ELIJAH SHAZAM (“Captain Marvel”): Because he can ostensibly do remarkable things with finance—watch out or he’ll make your money disappear. He is New York tough and yet charming, assumptive and somehow likeable. He is also one of those people who is either thirty or fifty— no one can really tell for certain.

  • NICK (“Nicky”): Thirty-something, very handsome, absurdly rich, young brash and arrogant. he has never been caught and never lost in a “con.” Well…there’s a first time for everything.

  • ANGELICA: An apparently seductive savvy businesswoman and CEO of Candy Casinos, she has found the formula to turn men on their heads and out of their fortunes – legitimately. And yet…there is something strangely unapproachable about her.

The Setting

The setting should be simple but elegant and characteristically Spanish – either Mediterranean or Spanish Colonial Furniture. It should have a large couch, chairs and an ample, elegant bar in the corner. A balcony is implied and – if fly space is available – existent in fact.

Synopsis of Scenes
Scene 1. An elegant hotel suite in Ibiza, Spain.
Scene 2. The same elegant hotel suite. The following evening.

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