Eliza and the Royal Swans by Olivia Arieti


When Princess Eliza’s mother dies, the king remarries. The new queen is a cruel witch, who banishes the girl’s brothers from the kingdom and turns them into wild swans. Fortunately, a very busy Fairy Godmother appears and tells Eliza how to break the evil spell. She must gather nettles and weave eleven shawls to put on her brothers’ shoulders; during all this time she must not speak. As years pass, Eliza has become a beautiful maiden and Prince Comet falls in love at first sight. His happiness is spoiled by his suspicious Counsellor, who considers the girl a witch. The Prince reluctantly agrees to have her burnt as all witches are, but Eliza’s brothers return in time and rescue her.

The Cast

  • ELIZA: A little girl/A teenage girl.

  • PRINCES (11): Eliza's brothers. In their teens. All dressed in white with a star on their breast. They wear gold crowns. (They may be played by males and/or females.)





The Setting

The stage with a palace garden backdrop. Stools, a bench, a stump.


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