Hopscotch Park by Kevin T. Baldwin



Colin (or Colleen) is sitting on a bench at “Hopscotch Park” as his/her father is in a bank. Tania sits on the same bench as her mother is in a family assistance bureau. The two children get to talking and discover many interesting things about each other, and about themselves.



  • COLIN/COLLEEN: A young boy, from wealthy family. (If being performed with two girls, Colin may easily be made into Colleen.)

  • TANIA: A young girl from poor economic circumstances.

  • Offstage voice of Colin’s father

  • Offstage voice of Tania’s mother

  • Ice Cream Counter Person (Non-speaking)

The Setting

A playground at a park, late in the afternoon. There is a bench downstage center.  There is an ice cream counter located upstage right. There is a “Hopscotch” game pattern grid front downstage center on the floor in front of the bench, but it is not imperative that the audience sees the grid. It’s only important for the actors to work with it. The remainder of the playground set may be as elaborate or as simple as the director or set designer wishes.


DIRECTOR’S NOTE: The actions described for the hopscotch game don’t have to be visibly performed by the actors. The game can be pantomimed if necessary.

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Hopscotch Park by Kevin T. Baldwin
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