Bracelets & Boyfriends by David-Matthew Barnes



A play in one act. Having both turned fifty, childhood friends Judy and Olivia decide to return to a quaint seaside town they once visited on family vacations during their early teen years. Reminded of loves lost, choices made, and the fading of their youth, Judy and Olivia reaffirm their friendship, the tender memories they share, and the journey through life that has made them the women they are now. Bracelets and Boyfriends is a powerful and thought-provoking play about two women who must look back before they can move forward.


Cast of Characters

  • JUDY: Fifty. Often too serious for her own good. Self-critical. Has carried a painful secret around for fifteen years. A sensitive woman with a big heart.
  • OLIVIA. Fifty-one. Fashionable but not affluent. A thrill seeker. A flirt. Clinging to the disappearing edges of her youth.


A beach in a small seaside town in North Carolina. A Saturday afternoon in March.



This play is also one of three in Barnes' collection Don't Mention It.


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