False Hopes by David-Matthew Barnes


This play is also one of three in Barnes' collection Don't Mention It.

A play in one act. Amy chooses to have an abortion after discovering she’s pregnant with the child of her married boss. Claudia discovers she’ll never be able to have children of her own. Nicole is pregnant with her first child but has recently realized she’s not in love with her successful husband.

Cast of Characters

  • AMY: In her late-twenties, Amy is educated, career-minded, and self-centered. She is fueled by ambition and dislikes those who don’t have any. Amy's exterior is somewhat cold; it is difficult for her to be or appear vulnerable.

  • CLAUDIA: In her early thirties, Claudia is a simple, somewhat introverted woman. She shies away from large crowds and prefers to spend her time reading romance novels. She’s a woman who’s in love with the idea of love and quietly seeks compassion and comfort. Claudia has struggled with her weight since she was a child.

  • NICOLE: Just twenty-one, Nicole is pregnant with her first child. She is direct, gentle but firm. She’s convinced those around her she’s the perfect wife.

The break room of an office building. A Thursday afternoon in late spring.



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