Kings and Pawns by Jack J. Berry


A comedy based on the biblical story of David, Bathsheba and Uriah. David knows he has sinned, and the only way to cover it up is for Uriah to sleep with his wife, Bathsheba. David’s simple plan goes awry when it turns out that Uriah has a big ego.

The Cast

  • DAVID: King of Israel, in his 40s-60s

  • URIAH: Hittite warrior, young, huge, looks very strong

  • NATHAN: Holy man, very sincere & dedicated to God

  • MEPHIBOSHETH: Nerdy, hobbled young man in his teens or 20s.

  • ATTENDANT: Female (but could be male), David's trusted confidante

  • SOLDIERS: Male, 20s-40s

The Setting

Stool or big chair to represent David's throne, small table for Mephibosheth to be eating soup, and possibly, a few swords, shields, etc. for soldiers.

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