Adamant Eve by Matt Bessette



An amusing yet poignant comedy-drama with a heavily diverse ensemble and a profound message, Adamant Eve follows the story of Eve Aberson, a headstrong middle school student who refuses to join her school’s soccer team. Because of her behavior, her parents send her to a professionally operated support group of “troubled” middle school students (including an argumentative menace, a pompous nerd, a loyal best friend, a hyperactive dynamo, an indifferent thug, and a soft-spoken introvert) managed by wise and empathetic psychologist Rachel Levine who gathers the students in meetings to discuss and attempt to solve the difficulties they have with their parents. Run Time: ~40 Minutes

Cast of Characters

  • EVE ABERSON: Early teens. Headstrong rebel who is forced to join the support group by her mother, where she finds friends and enemies alike.
  • RACHEL LEVINE: Late 20s. Wise and empathetic adult facilitator of the support group who genuinely cares for the students. She is bright, energetic and forthcoming.
  • DAMON CURTIS: Early teens. Long-lasting rival of Eve who takes any chance he can to argue with her.
  • AMY SLATER: Early teens. Eve’s best friend and loyal albeit slightly short-tempered supporter.
  • CAROL EVANS: Early teens. Energetic, borderline-hyperactive dynamo who provides the support group with random and often unrelated opinions and observations.
  • BRADLEY PHILLIP: Early teens. Introverted yet conceited intellect whose only participation in group meetings is to correct others’ grammar.
  • RICK NELSON: Early teens. Tough yet simple-minded delinquent who is completely apathetic towards the support group.
  • ZOE SHEPARD: Early teens. Shy, soft-spoken child who is almost always reluctant to speak.
  • WALTER McCARTHY: 40s-50s. A rather dull, stilted, middle-aged man. He is Rachel’s replacement who implements stringent policies and rules with an iron fist.
  • MRS. ABERSON: 30s-40s. Eve’s closed-minded mother who forces her to join the support group and who has Rachel replaced after she begins to sympathize with Eve.
  • MR. ABERSON: 30s-40s. Eve’s professionally eminent father who is always busy with work and, due to indifference, only halfheartedly supports his wife’s side in the debate.

A classroom.


Production History
The original performance of Adamant Eve was produced by its author as part of the debut of the week-long Summer Theatre Camp in Lebanon, CT, of which he was the director. The production took place on Friday, July 10th, 2015 at the Albert B. Vertefeuille Auditorium in Lyman Memorial High School.


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