Paranormal Festivity by Matt Bessette



In an effort to escape their parents and have one last night of fun before returning to middle school at the end of summer vacation, a small group of friends plans and executes a secret overnight campout in the (allegedly haunted) woods. Unbeknownst to them, the school bully and his sidekick have the same idea— and come to the gleeful realization that they have been presented with every bully’s dream: a night of no adult supervision during which they are free to terrorize and prank as they see fit. The bullies exploit the other kids’ fear of the supernatural by pretending to be ghosts, and make sophomoric (albeit successful) attempts to “haunt” their campsite. Both groups, however, are tragically unaware of what really lurks in the shadows of the forest… ~40 minutes.

Cast of Characters

  • MAGGIE BARNES: The unofficial leader of her friend group whose idea it was to go camping in the woods, but whose plan is consistently hindered by her insufferable little brother who insists on tagging along

  • ROLAND BARNES: Maggie’s younger brother who does not quite like the idea of camping in a haunted forest but partakes anyway just to avoid being left out

  • LIZZIE CARPENTER: Maggie’s energetic friend who is excited to figure out if the rumors about the woods are true

  • ALECIA MARTIN: Maggie’s levelheaded friend who doesn’t believe in ghosts or haunted forests

  • RICK NELSON: Tough but simple-minded delinquent who delights in harassing, pranking, and generally bullying his classmates

  • ROGER MCCALL: Rick’s sycophantic sidekick and wannabe bully who obeys his every command

  • GHOST 1: A deceased girl bound to the forest who is content to mind her own business and celebrate the ten-year anniversary of her death in peace

  • GHOST 2: Ghost 1’s sister who died in the woods alongside her but yearns to escape and communicate with the living once again

  • GHOST 3: Another ghost who, despite her youthful appearance, has been dead for so long she has begun to lose her mind and develop odd habits and tendencies 


The last night of summer vacation (present day) in a small town’s supposedly haunted forest.


Production History
The original performance of Paranormal Festivity was produced by its author as part of the second annual week-long Lebanon Summer Theatre Camp in Lebanon, CT, of which he is the founder and director. The production took place on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at the Albert B. Vertefeuille Auditorium in Lyman Memorial High School.

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