Row 28 by Macee Binns


In this comedic one-act, a drug-fueled stripper and a pretentious news reporter are forced to become fast friends when this unlikely pair of incompatible strangers are trapped sitting next to each other on a flight that changes the course of both their lives. Zoey, a rebellious former dancer down on her luck, hits rock bottom while pursuing her dream of a music career in Los Angeles. Out of options she is forced to return to her hometown of Tallahassee to start over and face the past that she abandoned long ago. On her dreaded flight home she encounters Annette, an uptight German business woman, who is struggling to make a life changing decision of her own. Their journey gets off to a rocky start when an on edge Zoey gets stuck sharing her seat with a tantrum throwing Annette. During their time up in the air this odd-couple duo discovers that fate often works in mysterious ways, and this encounter with an unexpected stranger might just send both of their lives in a whole new direction.

Cast of Characters

  • ZOEY: An edgy hipster from the wrong side of the tracks, mid-20s.  A tough girl from the streets of Los Angeles.

  • ANNETTE: A high-strung, uptight German business woman, early 30s.

  • STEWARDESS: A large Southern female flight attendant, mid-40s.

  • CAPTAIN: (Voiceover.) A male commercial airline pilot heard on the airplane intercom.

  • AIRPORT ATTENDANT: (Voiceover.) A Delta Airlines gate agent heard on the airport intercom.

*Stewardess may double as the voice of the Airport Attendant.



Delta Airlines flight 287 from Los Angeles to Atlanta. All settings should be minimal with just enough staging to suggest a location. Set descriptions are detailed at the top of each scene, however, these descriptions are merely a suggestion, as it is possible to stage this production using a basic set of only tables, chairs, and props. 


- Awarded the prestigious title of “Official Short Screenplay Finalist” at the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest.



ISBN #1-60513-271-3
; JAC #2016-0006


$8.25/individual copy

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$25/performance royalty


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Read an excerpt from this play...

CAPTAIN: <Voiceover.> Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Delta flight 287 service to Atlanta International Airport. This is your Captain speaking. We are about ready for takeoff. Just currently waiting for one last passenger to board the plane, and we'll be on our way shortly. Our estimated flight time today is four hours and sixteen minutes. Once again, we thank you for choosing Delta Airlines. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

<Annette enters the cabin. She is arguing with her boyfriend on the phone, in German, and struggling with the two large bags on her shoulder, as she loudly fights her way down the isle toward her seat in the back of the plane.>

 ANNETTE: <Into phone.> Ich versteh einfach grad nicht, was das problem ist Hans? Ich dachte, du würdest dich für mich freuen…

 <An announcement is heard over the airplane speakers.>

 CAPTAIN: <Voiceover.> Cabin crew, please prepare for takeoff.

 ANNETTE: <Into phone.> Sag mal verstehst du nicht was für eine reisen chance das für mich ist? Sowas bekommt man nur ein mal im leben—

 <A large frumpy Stewardess approaches Annette while she checks the overhead bin for a place to store her bags.>

 STEWARDESS: I'm sorry, ma'am. We're getting ready for takeoff, and all electronic devices need to be switched off at this time.

ANNETTE: I just need a minute. <Back into her phone.> Ich hätte echt von dir erwartet, dass du mich unterstuetzt—

STEWARDESS: Excuse me…

<Annette deliberately ignores her.>

ANNETTE: <Into her phone.> Ich hab deine Karriere immer unterstützt, Hans…

STEWARDESS: <Chasing after Annette.> Excuse me... Ma'am— <Taps Annette on the shoulder.>

ANNETTE: Yeah! I heard you! My fiancé and I are in the middle of something here. <Back into her phone.> Sorry, verdammt ich muss Schluss machen, die bloede kuh will mir mein handy wegnehmen…

STEWARDESS: Ma'am… ma'am... <Beat.> The phone—

ANNETTE: <Into her phone.> Wie meinst du das ich soll darüber nachdenken was ich will—

STEWARDESS: <Getting louder.> Ma'am… HELLO!

ANNETTE: <Angry.> I just told you I need a minute! <Yelling into her phone.> God, du weisst doch ganz genau was ich will… <Arrives at her seat.>

STEWARDESS: Excuse me—

<Annoyed, Zoey rearranges to make room for Annette.>

 ANNETTE: <Into her phone.> Dass ich beides will—

 STEWARDESS: <Screaming.> HEY, LADY! I said… EXCUSE ME!

 ANNETTE: <Exploding.> WHAT?!

 STEWARDESS: If you don't turn that phone off right now, I'm going to have to confiscate it!

 ANNETTE: Oh… I've had just about enough of you people! First you bump me out of first class, and now this? Let me tell you something "Ma'am." If your personnel hadn't been so incompetent inside then I would have had time to finish this conversation at the gate! So now you're just going to have to wait tell I'm done! <Yelling into her phone.> Wo waren wir stehen geblieben? Ach ja… was spricht denn dagegen…

<Annette throws her bag on the seat in frustration. It hits Zoey.>

ZOEY: Ow! Watch it!

 ANNETTE: <Into her phone.> Dass ich beides will? <Annoyed, she gestures for Zoey to move over.> Wie ich kann… nicht beides—

 STEWARDESS: Hand me your phone right now or I will have to remove you from this flight!

 <Annette ignores her, continuing her conversation as she sits in the aisle seat next to Zoey.>

 ANNETTE: <Into her phone.> Das ist nicht fair—




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