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Islands of Repair by Leslie Bramm

ISBN #1-933159-74-X
JAC #2006-0024

Cast of Characters

  • MAN: Her husband.
  • WOMAN: His wife.

Both characters are erudite and a bit cynical. They are frustrated and have always expected more. They are upwardly mobile and professional. Just not so young anymore.

The Setting
: The 3rd day.
: The entire action of the play takes place on a rubber raft in the Caribbean ocean.

Approx. Running Time: 40 minutes.
Notes on the Text: Though the blocking is minimal the play should be emotionally choreographed. The utter banality of the arguments must feel like
"life or death" .


A man and a woman are stranded in the middle of the ocean. They battle sharks, thirst, starvation and each other. They are burned, delirious and married. Will they survive?

About this Playwright
is an award-winning playwright and the author of 14 plays which have been produced, work-shopped and/or developed by Three Crows Theatre, The Present Company, The Penobscot Theatre, The Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, The Gold Coast Theatre (Australia), The Colorado Fine Arts Center, Emerging Artists Theatre, Nicu’s Spoon, The Edward Albee Last Frontier Conference, Rattle Stick, Reverie Productions, Playwrights Horizons/Tisch, and Shelter Theatre Group, to name a few. He co-wrote the screen play This is Not Here with actor Kevin Corrigan, based on the memoir The Last Days of John Lennon. Bramm is a member of the Present Company’s Pool, Variations Theatre Group, The League of Independent Theatres and the Dramatist Guild. Visit Bramm's Author Page on Amazon.com!

Of Bramm, says Martin Denton of nytheatre.com...“complicated, fascinating work.”

"Bramm creates some very interesting abstractions with his stereotypical characters...bizarre and funny with chucks of truth and sarcasm flying around."
-Richard Hinojosa, nytheatre.com

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Five Stars by griswaldon

Dark and claustrophobic, as intended. Until the rains come.

Leslie Bramm's "Islands of Repair"

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"Hole in the Wall Theater, New Britain (CT). One of the finest productions of my play I've seen." - Leslie Bramm

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