The Quest of Queen Thomas by Brit Christopher

Massachusetts Educational Guild Festival State Final Winner



A one-act play that follows Thomas, a 10-year-old child identifying as female. Her struggles with acceptance from her peers and support from her mother leave her wrapped up in an imaginary world of escape. In her fantasy world, she is Queen. With her sidekick Bartholomew, The Queen embarks on a quest to retrieve the her crown, stolen by the evil witch. The Queen and Bartholomew must battle foes along the way, using courage and wit to persevere on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Will The Queen retrieve her crown and defeat the evil witch? And what does the real world have in store for Thomas?

Cast of Characters
(6-15 actors, gender flexible. See character list for doubling suggestions.)

  • CHILD: a precocious, imaginative, and quick-witted 10-year-old.

  • BARTHOLOMEW: Child’s closest (though imaginary) friend. An enjoyable, loyal coward. A regal jester of sorts.

  • MOTHER: A relatively fresh and likeable character, a good person lost in unfamiliar territory.

  • WITCH: overconfident, overdramatic. (Can be same actor as MOTHER.)

  • MUD: A silly, well-intentioned swamp creature

  • MATT: Child’s childhood friend. (Can be same actor as MUD.)

  • GIANT: Larger-than-life, jaded, dry and over his day-job.

  • JEREMY: A child caught between two worlds. (Can be same actor as GIANT)

  • FAIRY: An omniscient being, Fairy is always attempting to sound all-knowing and regal, but is easily exasperated and drops her mystical “act” often.

  • FANNY is Child’s childhood friend. (Can be same actor as FAIRY .)

  • VOICES: Can be expanded to include a larger ensemble. Casts with a larger ensemble should feel free to add additional moments for The Voices to provide echoes or soundscapes.

*NOTE: Due to the nature and subject matter of the play, directors may feel especially free to explore various genders in the casting of this show. The Fairy, for example, does not need to be played by an actor who identifies as female.


The set of this play is highly dependent on the concept of the director and designers. It is important that there be a realistic world and a fantasy world, but the creation of those worlds is open to interpretation. Set pieces, lighting, costumes, and/or additional actors can be used to create the world of the play as the production team sees fit. It is possible to have a very elaborate set—or just as acceptable to have the world created by an ensemble of additional cast members.



ISBN #1-60513-277-2; JAC #2017-0005


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Read an Excerpt...

CHILD: How does it feel to be a boy?

BARTHOLOMEW: I haven’t really thought about it. It feels normal, I suppose. What about for you, Majesty?

CHILD: It doesn’t feel very normal at all.


BARTHOLOMEW: Would you like your tiara back? I could steal it for you.

CHILD: (Sulking.) No, thank you. The peasant boy doesn’t wear a tiara.


CHILD: I need to do math, Bartholomew.

BARTHOLOMEW: Of what use is math to a queen?

CHILD: (Correcting him.) Peasant boy.

BARTHOLOMEW: Merely a disguise, majesty. (No response.) And come to think of it… well, forgive me for saying so, Majesty, but you aren’t using your disguise very well.

CHILD: What do you mean?

BARTHOLOMEW: Well, if you’re going through all that trouble to stay hidden… you may as well use it to your advantage.

CHILD: To do what?

BARTHOLOMEW: To retrieve your crown, Majesty.

CHILD: I’d get caught, Bartholomew.

BARTHOLOMEW: Well you would, except you’re in disguise. What would a peasant boy want with a crown, after all?

CHILD: (Invested.) We could get it back! …but what about Mom?


CHILD: M— uhm. The… the evil witch!

BARTHOLOMEW: There’s an evil witch?!


BARTHOLOMEW: Why is she so evil?

CHILD: Because, well… uhm. She! No. Uhm. I don’t know, she’s just evil, ok?!

 (As CHILD begins description of the WITCH, she enters into the make-believe realm—a grand entrance—unseen by BARTHOLOMEW and CHILD.)

CHILD (Continued): The evil witch was born like 100 years ago. Her father was a cactus and her mother was a troll. She knows everything that goes on everywhere and she is very beautiful—


CHILD: (Changing her mind.) No! Hideous!

BARTHOLOMEW: Wait, is she beautiful or is—

CHILD: She can take the form of anyone or anything. You never know how she’s gonna look or who she’s gonna be, because she has evil magic!

BARTHOLOMEW: (Scared.) Magic, Majesty?

CHILD: The darkest magic, Bartholomew.

BARTHOLOMEW: But how did she get magic?


(BARTHOLOMEW screams.)

CHILD (Continued): Okay, maybe she didn’t kill people. I don’t know. The point is, she’s got lots of magic and she’s a jerk.

(The WITCH looks on, listening to their conversation.)

BARTHOLOMEW: (Still scared.) She didn’t kill people?  

CHILD: I don’t know, probably not.

(BARTHOLOMEW breathes a sigh of relief.)

CHILD (Continued): But she is still not to be trusted! And she, Bartholomew, is the one with the crown.

BARTHOLOMEW: (Gulps.) Your crown?

CHILD: My crown.

The St. John’s Prep Drama Guild’s beautiful performance of the “The Quest of Queen Thomas” won accolades and awards at the preliminary round of the annual Massachusetts High School Drama Festival. This original production tells the inspiring story about a child who is on their journey to self-acceptance. Through trials both real and imaginary.  Photos courtesy of Amanda Correia.

Featured in the St. John's Prep production:

Child…Nolan​ ​Spencer

Bartholomew…Frank​ ​Sullivan

Mother/Witch…Athena​ ​Nickole

Fairy…Alex​ ​​Kosciuszek

Matt/Voice…Nick​ ​Pocharski

Mud…Matthew​ ​Green


Jeremy/Voice…Jacob​ ​Barz-Snell

Giant…David​ ​Ducharme

Fanny/Voice…David​ ​Estabrooks

Voice…Paul​ ​St.​ ​Cyr

Voice…Justin​ ​Granniss      

Voice…Cole​ ​Steeves

Voice…Sebastian​ ​Roizner


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