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Images  by Brian A. Cheney

ISBN #1-933159-92-8


  • ROBERT: Mid-40s

  • BOBBY: Robert's self-image - mid-20s/handsome/suave/well-dressed (generally standing behind Robert, speaking his thoughts)

  • SUSAN: Early 40s

  • SUZIE: Susan's self-image - early 20s/gorgeous/confident/stylish (generally standing behind Susan, speaking her thoughts).

(When Bobby/Suzie talk to Robert/Susan, they're looking at them, touching them, etc… trying to be heard - to convince them - to win - to establish themselves as the true selves.
When Robert/Susan talk to Bobby/Suzie, they're not noticing them, not looking at them...impression is to be that they're talking to themselves.


IMAGES is a brief examination of how difficult it can be for human beings to see ourselves as others see us and, conversely, how we may come to perceive the inner youth and beauty of those around us.  In this one-act play, the middle-aged principals, who still see themselves as young and attractive, manage to look past one another’s aging physical appearance and begin to see and understand the vibrant, complex, young and attractive truth within.

The Setting
A coffee shop; 2 tables/2chairs each w/settings, cream, sugar, etc; optional upstage station with coffee pots, cups, etc.

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Brian Cheney's IMAGES 

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