Unbecoming Stephanie by Lauren Hoffman Cochran


Stephanie Charbonnaire is an attractive, successful high school student who seems to handle the ups and downs of teenage angst with relative ease. Or does she? Stephanie has kept a dark secret from her friends and family. But one day Stephanie goes too far. Her private coping mechanism is discovered and Stephanie's tangled web of lies unravel. The world of cutting* is explored in this thought provoking theater piece that is guaranteed to open the doors of discussion for high school students.



  • STEPHANIE CHARBONNIER: A 15-year-old, sophomore in high school at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School in Derry, NH. She is attractive, quiet and intelligent. She has long dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin.

  • CLAIRE CHARBONNIER: Stephanie’s younger sister. Claire is 13. The girls are somewhat close to each other but are at that constantly fighting, hating age with each other.

  • BECKY DAVIS: Stephanie’s best friend. Becky is also15 and is not as shy as Stephanie. They have known each other for the past three years, since eighth grade.

  • MRS. ANN CHARBONNIER: Stephanie’s mother. She is a single mother, working hard to keep her two daughters clothed and fed. Her ex-husband walked out on her when Stephanie was 9 and Claire was 4. She is not available often to talk to her children. She is an LPN at a local hospital.

  • MR. STEINER: A teacher at Roosevelt High School.

  • DR. BLACK: A doctor at the local clinic

  • DR. SANDY STEVENS: A psychiatrist at McLean Hospital in Derry, NH.

  • TODD RUDIE: A 16-year-old boy at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School.

  • ADAM HERNANDEZ: A 16-year-old boy at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School.

  • MS. ALLEN: The school nurse

  • CUTTERS 1- 6

With the exception of Stephanie, the ensemble cast can double up on parts between six players.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The play in its entirety should not exceed forty minutes. This is an educational theater piece and a discussion following the piece is as important as the play itself.

The play takes place on a relatively bare stage. Boxes or benches or chairs may be used for the only set pieces. A desk for Dr. Steven’s area is optional. Black wooden boxes to create the different settings are strongly recommended.  The actors, when not in a scene, sit on the sidelines in the rows of chairs or on boxes. Lighting should be sparse, on the scene that is taking place only.

*ATTN: Teachers

Unbecoming Stephanie by Lauren Hoffman Cochran
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