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Little Miracle of Bethlehem by Nicholas Conti

ISBN #1-60513-036-2


  • REBECCA: 30s-50s, Widowed, loving, religious mother of three afflicted children.
  • GABE: Male or female, an angel in human form.
  • DEBORAH: 10-17 years old. Rebecca’s blind daughter. Intelligent, loving, perceptive.
  • JOAN: 8-10 years old. Rebecca’s deaf daughter. Intelligent and loving. She is deaf, but she reads lips. She merely grunts out noises excitedly and expressively but roughly has her own sign language.
  • LUKE: 5-7 years old. Rebecca’s son. He has a cleft pallet including a speech impediment. Very brave.
  • GATE KEEPER: Mature male. Gruff, average, with heart.
  • NIC: a.k.a., Nicodemus (the devil); male.
  • TWO THIEVES: Mature males. Gruff, not bright, with warped hearts of gold.
  • JUDE: A teenage beggar; bright, friendly, afflicted with rickets (crutch.)
  • SHEPHERD: Any age, male or female; small role.
  • MARY: Devout Mother of Jesus; teen, religious, loving, gracious.
  • JOSEPH: Devout, early 20s, Husband of Mary.
  • CHRIST CHILD: A doll in swaddling clothes and crib.

Playwright Suggestion: Use young people in character roles to develop acting skills.
Angel/flex: change the name: Gabe to Gabrielle and pronouns to be gender-flex.
The angels, shepherds, are number/gender flexible.
You might use a chorale to open/close the performance with “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and or other carols, depending on resources or audio/time.

Plot Summary

Angel Gabe visits Rebecca, the recent widow of one of the finest Bakers of Bethlehem, to inform her it is God’s wish that she and her three children pay homage to the Christ child. Guided by the Star of Bethlehem, they travel forth, greeted by many surprises along the way—all of which keep up the spirits of this devout (and feisty) family.

Rebecca is a resilient Mom who loves her two daughters and son dearly. Each of her children are afflicted with disabilities, but she teaches them that by helping one another, they will succeed, as well as showing others to be thankful for what they have.

Once at the manger, they visit with the Holy Family and prayed to ease the pain and suffering in the world (though they do not pray to change their lives personally at all). And by (not) doing so, God knew the unselfish sacrifice they had all made and blesses them with healing.

This pageant-like piece is meant to be presented in a seamless (or “scene-less”) fashion. Lighting is used to help with the journey. It is recommended that the Holy Family be on stage from the start.

The Setting

In the days of King Herod, on the day of Christ’s birth, the action takes place in Bethlehem of Judea. It is possible to not use any set pieces just a few props. If chosen, though the set should be a simple single-unit set with a small flat, symbolizing the façade of a humble, brightly colored home (single doorway), a symbolized gate (perhaps demonstrated with a saw horse), and a simple flat indicating the stable, in darkness. Active lighting brings it to life.

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wpe4B.jpg (102850 bytes)Author Biography

Born: in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn. Spent 4 years U.S. Navy. Member: 4 Biz-Unions AEA-AFTRA-SAG-AGMA; & DGA. Education: St. John’s U; CUNY-Media. Singing-Priv: E. Fowlston; Acting: American Academy of Dramatic Arts & American Theater Wing. Singing/Acting Perf:- 6 Summers, Equity Stock; Equity Library Theater, Columbia Artists Choral Tour; Lincoln Center: Philharmonic Hall (Schola Cantorum.) & N.Y. State Th:-German Schiller Theater. Operas: Traviata, Boheme Romeo & Juliet.Swedish Am. Line, Singer, 2 W. Indies. Cruises. Off Bwy: Provincetown Playhouse; TV: Nurses, Defenders, & Jackie Gleason; Cable TV-El. Commercial:-Rheingold Beer; Movies: The Hustlers & Love with the Proper Stranger.Radio: 8yrs., Hudson Valley, NY- DJ/Announcer/Newsman [also wrote news & copy]. Playwright Credits:- NY---2000: Alessandro, One Act play, finalist; Dawn:- “Lights Up Contest,” Cuneen-Hackett. Arts Center, Vassar st., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.2002: ‘Alessandro,’ Reading; Depot Th., Garrison, N.Y. Publications:-Drama Source: 5 One Act comedies: “ The Legacy,” “The Godmother I,” “The Godmother I-101,” “Saint Nicolas & Rudy,” & “The Godmother I and the Grump that Stole Christmas.”Merriwether Publ: One Act Comedy: “Night of the Living Cryonic Dead.”Lazy Bee Scripts Publ. (U.K.): 3 One Act Comedies: “The Merry Women of Windham,” “Mirror Mirror on the Wall,” & “Alessandro.”Finalist: Nov. 2005: Gettysburg College World Premier, One-Act Play FestivalOf : “The Merry Women of Windham.” Honorarium & 2 full Productions. Magazine Articles: 2001, Savannah; Theater Memories. 2004: (Child.) Whimsy; The Dragon That Could Sing Bass. Placebo Journal; (Epigram), “Doctologist.” Poetry.Com: 4 Poems. Song: Walking in Your Heart on C.D. Web: www.NickConti.com.

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