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Taming of a Bull-(Y) by Nicholas Conti

ISBN #1-933159-76-6


2 Women; 1 Teenage Girl; 2 Teenage Boys

  • BRIDGETTE KELLY: 40-50’s; a bright, loving, attractive woman with a wild sense of humor. An R.N., who works in the OR at the Community Hospital. A good Mom, single parent, (widowed.) Had to raise the kids and did a good job of it ever since her husband was killed in Iraq, in Desert Storm in 1990. (Likes to joke with an Irish brogue.)

  • DAVE KELLY: 16-17 years., and a junior, the youngest of the clan, good spirited, humorous, well liked & popular. On Track team. A student (4.0). Excellent Tutor, in Math, and English.

  • JUNE KELLY: 20’s, Her eldest, graduated College; got her B.S. in computer engineering, works in the field. Smart, pleasant, funny, and family oriented.

  • GAIL: 15-17 years, a junior and David’s girlfriend. Bright, attractive, humorous, supportive, likes (loves,) him.

  • TANK: 17-19 years., is a Senior, a 300 pound Line Backer…He has an indomitable place at the High School and they tend to overlook complaints about him being a Bully because of his football prowess and bulk. The intimidating Tank, stops Daniel; and frequently bullies him into giving him money. Physically shoves him, stands nose to nose with him; and threatens him. Has an offer of a full Sports Scholarship to a local college when (if) he graduates. (Padding might be necessary to make him appear to be 300 lbs.)

Plot Summary

Ever been bullied in school?...Then you know how Dave felt—-and at least can empathize with him. You see Dave’s nemesis, Tank, is a High School Bully who has been consistently harassing him for weeks. Dave insists on handling the situation himself without any help from his family or the school staff. Fate, however, has a different plan, as Tank suddenly finds himself with a scholastic problem - he won't graduate without some serious tutoring. Talk about irony? The one who can help him the most is Dave. 

Will Dave help? Maybe if Tank agrees to repay all of his victims in full, along with a full apology.


The Setting

Present day, Fall. A simple, one unit , basic kitchen. Four chairs and a table set for breakfast. DS is a simulated chain link or solid wooden fence (which Tank can hide behind,) and a bench where Tank waits to harass and collect tolls from students.


About this Playwright

Born: in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn. Spent 4 years U.S. Navy. Member: 4 Biz-Unions AEA-AFTRA-SAG-AGMA; & DGA. Education: St. John’s U; CUNY-Media. Singing-Priv: E. Fowlston; Acting: American Academy of Dramatic Arts & American Theater Wing. Singing/Acting Perf:- 6 Summers, Equity Stock; Equity Library Theater, Columbia Artists Choral Tour; Lincoln Center: Philharmonic Hall (Schola Cantorum.) & N.Y. State Th:-German Schiller Theater. Operas: Traviata, Boheme Romeo & Juliet.Swedish Am. Line, Singer, 2 W. Indies. Cruises. Off Bwy: Provincetown Playhouse; TV: Nurses, Defenders, & Jackie Gleason; Cable TV-El. Commercial:-Rheingold Beer; Movies: The Hustlers & Love with the Proper Stranger.Radio: 8yrs., Hudson Valley, NY- DJ/Announcer/Newsman [also wrote news & copy]. Playwright Credits:- NY---2000: Alessandro, One Act play, finalist; Dawn:- “Lights Up Contest,” Cuneen-Hackett. Arts Center, Vassar st., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.2002: ‘Alessandro,’ Reading; Depot Th., Garrison, N.Y. Publications:-Drama Source: 5 One Act comedies: “ The Legacy,” “The Godmother I,” “The Godmother I-101,” “Saint Nicolas & Rudy,” & “The Godmother I and the Grump that Stole Christmas.”Merriwether Publ: One Act Comedy: “Night of the Living Cryonic Dead.”Lazy Bee Scripts Publ. (U.K.): 3 One Act Comedies: “The Merry Women of Windham,” “Mirror Mirror on the Wall,” & “Alessandro.”Finalist: Nov

vannah; Theater Memories. 2004: (Child.) Whimsy; The Dragon That Could Sing Bass. Placebo Journal; (Epigram), “Doctologist.” Poetry.Com: 4 Poems. Song: Walking in Your Heart on C.D. Web: www.NickConti.com.

Have you read Conti's The Mystery of the House of the Seven Gables, Little Miracle of Bethlehem, Wenceslas, The Little Drummer Boy, Chris Carole-Meet Santa or Shades of Sylvia?

Taming of a Bull-[Y] by Nicholas Conti

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Having to deal with a bully is hard - especially at school. But there are things that can be done.  Standing up to the bully, walking away, or just ignoring him are some of the things that might get them to stop.   Bullies often give up when they don't get a response from their target. For parents, although children can resolve many incidences of bullying on their own, do keep an eye on the situation.  If it persists or if help is needed to cope, talk to a teacher or school counselor. For more information about bullying and how you can help end it, please consider these sites as resources:

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