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The Mystery of House of the Seven Gables by Nicholas Conti

ISBN #1-60513-076-1


Cast of Characters

  • DAD: Nate Gable, 30s-50s

  • MOM: Mary Gable, 30s-50s

  • CLARKE: Eldest son, 16- 18-years-old

  • MELISSA: Eldest daughter, 14- 15-years-old

  • GABE: Younger Son, 13- 15-years-old

  • MABEL: Middle daughter, 9- 12-years-old

  • TEENY: Youngest daughter, 5- 8-years-old

  • WW: White Witch, ageless female in stereotypical “witch” garb (tall pointed hat)

  • BW: Black Witch, ageless female in stereotypical “witch” garb (tall pointed hat)

Plot Summary

Family-friendly and especially beWITCHing!  We all know The House of the Seven Gables (1668) is a Colonial mansion in Salem, MA - but what is the "real" history of the House?  With Salem's historic legacy of  bubble, bubble, trials and trouble, it seems unlikely that this residence wouldn't have an even more interesting "life" to it. Meet the Gable family - Mom and Dad and their five young children.  They have made this house their home, and have lived peacefully there for years, unaware of the House's other tenants.  So what brought instability to their tranquility?  Enter two witches, who set a plot to foil the Gables' plans to convert the witches' domain into a playroom.  After bickering, spells and much unwell, the shrewd Gables come up with a scheme to outsmart the Witches while still offering an exotic subterranean abode (befitting of the most sophisticated of witches).  And they all live bewitchingly ever after!

The Setting

Time: Winter, present day.
Place: Salem, Massachusetts— The House of the 7 Gables

A simple, dark backdrops, a few set pieces (discretionary). A large wooden table (or 2- 6 ft. folding tables side by side with table cloth); 7 wooden chairs; small table, buffet or cabinet/cupboard.


wpe4B.jpg (102850 bytes)About this Playwright

Born: in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn. Spent 4 years U.S. Navy. Member: 4 Biz-Unions AEA-AFTRA-SAG-AGMA; & DGA. Education: St. John’s U; CUNY-Media. Singing-Priv: E. Fowlston; Acting: American Academy of Dramatic Arts & American Theater Wing. Singing/Acting Perf:- 6 Summers, Equity Stock; Equity Library Theater, Columbia Artists Choral Tour; Lincoln Center: Philharmonic Hall (Schola Cantorum.) & N.Y. State Th:-German Schiller Theater. Operas: Traviata, Boheme Romeo & Juliet.Swedish Am. Line, Singer, 2 W. Indies. Cruises. Off Bwy: Provincetown Playhouse; TV: Nurses, Defenders, & Jackie Gleason; Cable TV-El. Commercial:-Rheingold Beer; Movies: The Hustlers & Love with the Proper Stranger.Radio: 8yrs., Hudson Valley, NY- DJ/Announcer/Newsman [also wrote news & copy]. Playwright Credits:- NY---2000: Alessandro, One Act play, finalist; Dawn:- “Lights Up Contest,” Cuneen-Hackett. Arts Center, Vassar st., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.2002: ‘Alessandro,’ Reading; Depot Th., Garrison, N.Y. Publications:-Drama Source: 5 One Act comedies: “ The Legacy,” “The Godmother I,” “The Godmother I-101,” “Saint Nicolas & Rudy,” & “The Godmother I and the Grump that Stole Christmas.”Merriwether Publ: One Act Comedy: “Night of the Living Cryonic Dead.”Lazy Bee Scripts Publ. (U.K.): 3 One Act Comedies: “The Merry Women of Windham,” “Mirror Mirror on the Wall,” & “Alessandro.”Finalist: Nov. 2005: Gettysburg College World Premier, One-Act Play FestivalOf : “The Merry Women of Windham.” Honorarium & 2 full Productions. Magazine Articles: 2001, Savannah; Theater Memories. 2004: (Child.) Whimsy; The Dragon That Could Sing Bass. Placebo Journal; (Epigram), “Doctologist.” Poetry.Com: 4 Poems. Song: Walking in Your Heart on C.D. Web: www.NickConti.com


Have you read Conti's Wenceslas The Little Drummer Boy, Little Miracle of Bethlehem, Taming of a Bull-(Y) or Shades of Sylvia!

The Mystery of the House of the Seven Gables by Nicholas Conti

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