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Shades of Sylvia by Nicholas Conti

ISBN #1-60513-039-7


  • SYLVIA: 20s-40s, a talented, ditsy artist. Former tenant of the Mount Vernon duplex.
  • ANNA: 20s-40s, a high school English teacher, drama club director, aspiring playwright, and wife of Arthur. Present tenant of the Mount Vernon duplex.
  • ARTHUR: 20s-40s. Anna’s husband, a graphic designer. Present tenant of the Mount Vernon duplex.
  • ARIEL: 20s-40s, Anna’s, best friend from college. Adrift. from her husband, Julio ‘The philanderer’.
  • CAT: 20s-40s, Sylvia’s good friend. Itinerant actress, dresses in black leotards, kleptomaniac.

Plot Summary

Graphic Designer Arthur and his high school English teacher/drama coach/playwright wife, Anna rent a duplex in Mount Vernon, New York. Sadly, their passionate marriage is turning tepid and clouds are appearing fast over the languid, scenic neighborhood they were once so happy in. Enter Sylvia, a light-hearted, cumulous nimbus who brings a happy backdrop (with a bit of sorrow in smaller doses). Sylvia is a ditsy, talented artist who once lived at the duplex, from the window of which she began a prized pastoral that she’d like to complete. So she returns to Mount Vernon, rings the bell (to ensure no one is home), lets herself in and executes her plan to do so. Unfortunately, Anna discovers Sylvia. Fortunately, her choice is to befriend the trespasser. Then comes Ariel, staying with Arthur and Anna a while due to marital difficulties; and Julio, a less than scrupulous philanderer; and Cat, an itinerant actress/kleptomaniac. All together, they (and their slap-happy chaos and circumstances) shock, rock and explode together in a non-stop plot that takes twists and turns through love, lust, death and debauchery.

The Setting

Fall, the present in a scenic suburb of Mount Vernon, NY. Inside the old duplex of Arthur and Anna. One unit simple set, no walls required only black backdrops and furniture.

wpe4B.jpg (102850 bytes)Author Biography
Born: in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn. Spent 4 years U.S. Navy. Member: 4 Biz-Unions AEA-AFTRA-SAG-AGMA; & DGA. Education: St. John’s U; CUNY-Media. Singing-Priv: E. Fowlston; Acting: American Academy of Dramatic Arts & American Theater Wing. Singing/Acting Perf:- 6 Summers, Equity Stock; Equity Library Theater, Columbia Artists Choral Tour; Lincoln Center: Philharmonic Hall (Schola Cantorum.) & N.Y. State Th:-German Schiller Theater. Operas: Traviata, Boheme Romeo & Juliet.Swedish Am. Line, Singer, 2 W. Indies. Cruises. Off Bwy: Provincetown Playhouse; TV: Nurses, Defenders, & Jackie Gleason; Cable TV-El. Commercial:-Rheingold Beer; Movies: The Hustlers & Love with the Proper Stranger.Radio: 8yrs., Hudson Valley, NY- DJ/Announcer/Newsman [also wrote news & copy]. Playwright Credits:- NY---2000: Alessandro, One Act play, finalist; Dawn:- “Lights Up Contest,” Cuneen-Hackett. Arts Center, Vassar st., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.2002: ‘Alessandro,’ Reading; Depot Th., Garrison, N.Y. Publications:-Drama Source: 5 One Act comedies: “ The Legacy,” “The Godmother I,” “The Godmother I-101,” “Saint Nicolas & Rudy,” & “The Godmother I and the Grump that Stole Christmas.”Merriwether Publ: One Act Comedy: “Night of the Living Cryonic Dead.”Lazy Bee Scripts Publ. (U.K.): 3 One Act Comedies: “The Merry Women of Windham,” “Mirror Mirror on the Wall,” & “Alessandro.”Finalist: Nov. 2005: Gettysburg College World Premier, One-Act Play FestivalOf : “The Merry Women of Windham.” Honorarium & 2 full Productions. Magazine Articles: 2001, Savannah; Theater Memories. 2004: (Child.) Whimsy; The Dragon That Could Sing Bass. Placebo Journal; (Epigram), “Doctologist.” Poetry.Com: 4 Poems. Song: Walking in Your Heart on C.D. Web: www.NickConti.com.

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