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The Association by Ken Cook

ISBN 1-60513-059-1
JAC #2009-0029

The Cast
  • JOHN & MARY PLIABLE: A couple who has taken early retirement to move to the Foxtrot Community.
  • HIRAM/HEIDI SLICK: A smiling, shifty-eyed salesman type. He/she has black hair and, if male, a black moustache.
  • ARCH RIVAL & IDA SOONER: Directors of the Association of the Foxtrot Community. They never smile.
  • POLLY & WILLARD DURKIN: A pleasant, older couple living next door to John & Mary.
  • SALLY & BILL RINKER: Newcomers to Foxtrot Community.
  • SEVERAL EXTRAS: Individuals who mingle about, holding glasses and chatting

A humorous look at what happens to many people when they are given authority. It can be applied to organizations or even political office.  A retired couple move into a community governed by absurd rules. The husband runs for office to change the policies. He is elected. Now filled with self-importance, he makes the new rules even more restrictive.

The Association

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