Worth a Thousand Words by Stefanie DeLeo

Worth a Thousand Words is the story of a newly widowed mother struggling to connect with her autistic daughter. Shortly after her husband's death, she learns that he has won an art competition. She solicits her daughter's help, since her daughter shared his passion for art. As the play unfolds we discover that her autistic daughter uses art as a means of communication and that is the only way in which her mother can learn to connect with her. At the end of the play, it is discovered that the winning painting belongs to her daughter and not her late husband.

The Cast
  • MELINDA: 38-years-old, stay at home mom.
  • JACQUELINE: 13-years-old, autistic

The Setting
The present, afternoon into evening. Melinda’s living room, New York City


  • Worth reading, producing, performing and if lucky enough seeing! by SonnyD
    I saw this play performed after it won a national playwrights contest in Theater 3 Port Jefferson, NY. It locked you in immediately emotionally and carries a much needed insight about Autism. This is a play worth reading, producing, performing and if you get the chance definitely worth seeing! I look fwd to reading more from this new and upcoming play-writer. Stefanie DeLeo also just published her first novel, CRY MY SAFARI also a must read!

  • Sweet, heartwarming by LilTurtleBug
    A very sweet, tender play. Would love to see it acted out, very heartfelt. Could hear the emotion come though the words as loud and clear as if they were alive!

  • Does it Well by J. Bairon
    A clever and tender one-act play. It lasts maybe 15 minutes but great for a revue or for a short piece in a drama class. Its simple plot has something to say about the way we communicate. Calls for two females, the mother and her autistic and artistic daughter. It might also be appropriate in a context where issues related to autism are being presented or discussed.

Worth a 1000 Words by Stefanie DeLeo
ISBN #1-60513-135-0; JAC #2011-0040


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