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The Lollipop Tree by Eddie Dean

ISBN #1-933159-64-2


  • ALEC WILEY: Paralegal in his late twenties, of average height with tousled hair; sharp-tongued with a biting wit. He is direct and not very discrete.
  • ERICA WINSTEAD: School department lawyer in mid-thirties. Professional, intelligent, sensitive person who is becoming frustrated with the system.
  • ENID PERKINS: Matronly woman in mid-to-late fifties. Roommate of accused teacher. Old-fashioned and proper. Her own person.
  • ELIZABETH MATTIOLI: Student teacher and former student of accused teacher. Early twenties. Idealistic and a little na´ve. A gentle and kind person. Dressed like a preppie.
  • ROBERTA ELLIS: Middle-aged kindergarten teacher. A matronly-looking woman accused of assaulting children. Kindly and seemingly patient. She has gray hair pulled back in a bun.
  • JIMMY MARTINEZ: Five-year-old boy. Dark-haired, surly with emotional/mental problems.
  • ELAINE MARTINEZ: Shy woman of Latin ancestry in her late twenties. Mother of Jimmy. Mild-mannered and caring mother. She has dark hair, dark eyes and speaks with an accent.
  • NANCY McCARTHY: Professional woman in mid-thirties. Intelligent, articulate person. She has light hair and features, and wears a tailored suit and dark glasses.
  • LISA McCARTHY: Five-year-old daughter of Nancy.

Plot Summary

Two people struggle to find the truth behind the abuse accusation of a reputable school teacher.

The Setting

A table too large for the room it is in. It dominates the stage. Three chairs are around the table. On the table are legal pads, pens, etc. There is a door S.R. next to a file cabinet.

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