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Betta Fish by Christine Emmert

ISBN #1-933159-32-4


1W/2 Either

  • BETTA: A person of indiscriminate sex with a fish-like head.
  • CLARE: A woman of forty, or so.
  • THERAPIST: A man or woman, any age.

Plot Summary

A woman is in therapy, insisting she lived through the holocaust. The therapist has given her a betta fish. A fish who lives in a singular bowl, circling around and around in perfect peace. What does this woman learn from the fish? and what does the therapist learn from the woman?

Author Biography

headshot_2.jpg (91361 bytes)Christine is a playwright whose work has been published and performed in three countries. She won the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association Award in 1990 for her piece, SEBASTIEN'S SUCCULENTS. Living in Pennsylvania presently with her husband, Richard, Christine also has published poetry, essays, short fiction and is about to have her first novel, ISMENE, released in 2006. Her play, THE JUDAS KISS, was adapted into a film of the same name by Invictus Films. She also has a career as an actress and director.

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Betta Fish

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