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The Van Gogh Exhibit  by Matt Fotis

ISBN #1-60513-093-1
JAC #2010-0034

The Cast

  • ERIN: A young mother in her early 30s.

  • AMANDA: Young mother. Early 30s. Erin’s best friend.

  • STEVE: Professor. Erin’s husband. Early 30s.

  • ARMANDO: Performance artist. Steve’s brother. Late 20s.

  • ERIC: Promising young artist. Early 20s.

  • ERICA: Young professional. 20s.

  • NATALIE: Young professional. 20s.

  • GUY ON THE BUS: Guy on the bus. 30s.

  • STAN: Middle-aged middle manager. 40s.

  • ELAINE: PhD student. 20s.

  • TED: Shoe shine man. Elaine’s father. 50s.

  • WAITRESS: Diner waitress. 40s.

  • CAR: Shoe shine man. 20s.

  • LAWYER: Divorced divorce lawyer. 30s.

    *The play can be done with an actor for every role, or using doubling.


The Van Gogh Exhibit is "less about Van Gogh's paintings than what happens when his swirls are set in motion...The narrative itself takes the passenger seat as the idiosyncratic characters direct traffic… trying to work out where the shapes of marriage, sexuality, bus routes, politics and memories fit into one masterpiece." -Minneapolis Skyway News


The Setting

At various locales in a large Midwestern city. Present. Most all settings can be suggested. Rather than a series of blackouts the scenes should flow together as fluidly as possible. The time between scenes should be used to help connect scenes and characters as well as move us through time and space.


About this Playwright

Matt Fotis is an award-winning playwright whose plays have seen stages from coast to coast.  He is a Playwrights’ Center Core Apprentice Grant Recipient and a two-time Illinois Arts Council Grant recipient for his work with Shantz Theatre.  His plays have won The Mark Twain Prize for Comic Playwriting (The Book of Adam), The Sonoma County Repertory Theatre’s SCRipts Festival (The Zebra Baby), the Minnesota Shorts Play Festival (A Casket Gal), The Fancy Pants Director’s Festival (58 & 29), and the Claire Donaldson Short Play Festival (The Crying Club).  He is a National Finalist for the KC/ACTF National Ten Minute Play Award (58 & 59), as well as a national Finalist for the John Cauble Outstanding Short Play Award (Nights on the Couch).  Fotis’ work has been a finalist for numerous other awards including the Guthrie Theatre Fringe Encore (A Year in the Life of Twenty-Five Strangers Living in a City by the Lake) and Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence (Lincoln’s Lagoon).  His other plays include The Van Gogh Exhibit, The Candid Biography of a Single Chess Taken Chosen at Random on an Ambiguous Spring Day in Central Park, Pittsfield and Burying Mom.  He is also the author of two solo performance pieces, Potpourri Potluck Kitchen Sing Meatloaf and My Fragile Family Tree.  His works have been published by Original Works Publishing, Smith & Kraus and Meriwether Press.  Among others, his plays have been produced by Emerging Artists Theatre (NYC), Ten Grand Productions (NYC), Curan Rep (NYC), Kennedy Center, Theatre on the Square, The Sonoma County Repertory Theatre, Shantz Theatre, The Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, Anvilhead Theatre, The Pegasus Theater Co., The Chameleon theatre Circle, Acme Theater Productions, The Pittsburg Summer Company, The Claire Donaldson Short Play Festival and Gorilla Tango Theatre. Visit Matt online at www.mattfotis.com.


Have you read Fotis' A Year in the Life of 25 Strangers Living in a City By a Lake?


"Fotis' wit is evident" - TimeOut Chicago

"In these two one-acts, promising young playwright Matt Fotis delivers smart, funny dialogue and honest observation of diverse characters…these short works provide some sharp humor and a few provocative ideas." -Chicago Reader

"...a multi-character La Ronde-like piece laced with biting humor and a lingering sadness." -The Windy City Times

"What an ear for dialogue!" -mnartists.org

"Highly quotable piece, smart, philosophical." -mnartists.org

"Relationships are tenuous, vibrant things. The Van Gogh Exhibit explores twelve of them with insight and wit." -mnartists.org

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The Van Gogh Exhibit by Matt Fotis

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