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Blackmail by Alexander Fraser

ISBN #1-933159-29-4


  • HOLLY GOODYEAR: Pre-matronly executive
  • LUCY: Holly’s maid, 20+
  • JOSEPH BLUMENTHAL: Art Dealer, 35+
  • JENNY: Joseph’s assistant, 20+
  • MICHELE: Magazine reporter, 20+
  • VICTOR: Lucy’s man

NOTE: The roles of Lucy, Jenny and Michele can be played by the same woman as the characters are never on stage at the same time. Also, if there is a shortage of men who might play VICTOR, the author suggests casting a woman. She will paly the role of VICTORIA, who is LUCY’s sister. Minor changes in the wording of the script will be necessary.


Holly Goodyear, a successful businesswoman, is confronted by her maid, Lucy. Lucy shows Holly a photograph. Holly is horrified and begs Lucy not to show the photo to anyone. Lucy agrees--for the payment of $2000 a month. Holly reluctantly agrees but insists on having a reason, to show her CPA, why she is sending such sums to Lucy.

Lucy is a painter, so they agree that each month she will send a picture to Holly. Six months later, Holly is visited by Joseph Blumenthal, an art gallery owner, and his assistant Jenny. Joseph is ecstatic about the paintings and buys two from Holly for $25,000. Each.

Eventually, Time Magazine sends a reporter to interview Holly. She knows that, once the story is printed and Lucy sees it, she will get no more paintings. She successfully stalls the publication but the story does come out.

Victor, who had been Lucy’s boyfriend, shows up to confront Holly. He’s angry but has brought back the fateful photograph, as well as some “pretty pictures” which Lucy had painted for him before her untimely death.

Joseph and Jenny arrive and tell Victor what they think of the pretty pictures. Holly emerges triumphant.

The Setting

The action takes place in the den of an upper-middle class home. The set pieces are a small sofa and a chair. Upstage of the sofa is a table on which Holly can keep various costume items. As she is on-stage for the entire play, it will be helpful for her to have a sweater, jacket, scarf, etc. to change into during the four 10-second dim-outs.

There are five scenes; all but the first are delineated by a 10-second dim-out.

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“It (the play) is a thoughtful reminder that history past often understands the demons of the present” ... “An informal blend of kindness, eloquence and wit… the very representative of irretrievable innocence in a world upside down.”

- Jean Bartlett, Arts Correspondent,
Pacific Tribune

“It is one of the most touching pieces relating to 9/11 that I have seen, told with simplicity and earnestness of a grade school history lesson.”

- Julie Sharbutt, offoffonline


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