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Monster Records by Scott Haan

ISBN #1-60513-121-0
JAC #2011-0026

The Cast
  • STEVE: The general manager, in his 40s or 50s; he is immediately likeable – deep-voiced and authoritative, but possessing a calm, cool, hip sense of humor; thinks of Amanda like a daughter
  • AMANDA: The young college-aged clerk, in her 20s; a friendly and charming music whiz who can banter with the best of them; sees Steve as a father-figure
  • LEWIS: Another employee, in his 20s or 30s; he is smug, insufferable, and too intelligent for his own good; completely lacking in charm
  • REGGIE: Extremely suspicious-looking young man in a light spring jacket
  • *CUSTOMER #1: Gender flexible (but preferably female); an airhead
  • *CUSTOMER #2: Gender flexible; a stoner, clearly not the brightest bulb in the box
  • *CUSTOMER #3: Female; a vixen; probably a college student
  • *CUSTOMER #4: Gender flexible; a shoplifter
  • *CUSTOMER #5: Gender flexible; sent by fate…?

* If actor availability is a problem, 1 or 2 actors could portray all 5 customers using different clothes, voices and mannerisms. If you have an abundance of actors, you could always have a few extra non-speaking customers milling around the store during scenes 1 and 2, if desired. Just avoid having any extra customers during scene 3.


It’s Amanda’s last day as an employee at the campus music store, Monster Records. She’ll miss Steve, her father-figure manager, and the employee discount, but that’s about it. She definitely won’t miss Lewis, the snobbish, arrogant employee who isn’t allowed to talk directly to the customers. Now, all Amanda has to do is put the store behind her and survive the suspicious-looking criminal who just came through the door looking to sell stolen property. Maybe she can begin the next phase of her life, if she can manage not getting shot!

The Setting

Our story takes place in a shop called Monster Records. There is a door labeled “Employees Only” on SR, and a door labeled “EXIT” on SL. Both are swinging doors with no handles. (For a simpler set, you can just use the wings instead of doors.) In the center is a counter, with access from either side. Hanging on the front of the counter are two signs; one says “Win a FREE Ride in a Police Car, Just By Shoplifting From This Store!” The other says, “Shoplifters: Next of Kin Will Be Notified,” with a picture of a rifle in the middle. A guitar is hanging on the wall, above a framed picture of a Van Halen album cover. There are music posters all over the walls, and at least one (and preferably more) rack of CDs for customers to browse. There is a window on the SR side, between the employee door and the counter.

Author Biography

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Monster Records by Scott Haan

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