A Flabbergasting Occurrence at Flatiron River High School  by Earl Halbe

Sequel to Halbe's The Singular Scientific Occurrence at Flatiron River High School:
After a time traveling adventure a month earlier, Penelope and Meredith discover that they do indeed remember everything that occurred, despite Dr. Flabbergast’s warning that they wouldn’t. They meet and try to befriend, Jasmin Peterson, whose father has been sent from Homeland Security in Washington D.C. to observe the wormhole. Meanwhile, Dr. Flabbergast, posing as a boiler repairman, returns through the wormhole with his assistant (old Minerva). They have returned with a dire warning about a time traveling alien they have detected (Mr. Flambeau) who is unknowingly disrupting time and space, putting planet Earth in danger. Tammy and Lacey, discovering they remember everything about the time-traveling adventure as well, return from a volleyball tournament and team up with Penelope, Meredith, Dr. Flabbergast, and Minerva to find the time traveling alien before Earth is destroyed.

Cast of Characters

  • APHASIA: Girl from the planet X-ONN.  She appears dressed in strange clothing— a bicycling outfit will do or something similar— her hair and makeup look unusual.

  • JASMIN PETERSON: A new transfer student from Washington DC. Rich and snobby, she is later revealed to be Aphasia’s little sister.

  • PENELOPE PENROSE: Senior, loves Shakespeare. Straight A student.

  • MEREDITH MACKLEMORE: Senior, gifted science student. Genius level.

  • TAMMY VICKSBURG: Senior, head cheerleader, president of senior class.

  • LACEY ROBERTS: Senior, star athlete, captain of volleyball team.

  • DR. FLABBERGAST/OLDER GENTLEMAN: Science teacher from 1957

  • MINERVA HOUSEMAN/ASSOCIATE: Dr. Flabbergast’s assistant from 1956 / Former classmate of Penelope, Meredith, Tammy and Lacey.

  • AGENT PETERSON: Works for Homeland Security.

  • MR. FLAMBEAU/TRON: Creepy school janitor / time traveling alien

  • PLEK-SUS: Leader of Planet X-ONN high council (non gender specific)

  • SPECIAL OPS AGENT # 1: Works for Agent Peterson (non gender specific)

  • SPECIAL OPS AGENT # 2: Works for Agent Peterson (non gender specific)

  • SPECIAL OPS AGENT # 3: Works for Agent Peterson (non gender specific)

  • MRS. O SHAY: English teacher. Wants what’s best for her students.

  • TEACHERS & STUDENTS: Non speaking roles: As many as director desires

The Setting
Flatiron River High School, now and then.


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