The Singular Scientific Occurrence at Flatiron River High School  by Earl Halbe


Prequel to Halbe's A Flabbergasting Occurrence at Flatiron River High School. Two friends, Meredith Macklemore and Penelope Penrose, are tasked with planning a school fundraiser with cheerleader and nemesis Tammy Vicksburg and her friend, Lacey Roberts, captain of the volleyball team. But the four girls are whisked back in time to 1957 through a spatial wormhole that appears on the fourth floor of the school. There, they encounter a strange crossing guard lady named Minerva who seems to know everything about them. Minerva introduces them to quirky science teacher, Dr. Flabbergast, who endeavors to help them return to their lives back in 2017.

Cast of Characters

  • PENELOPE PENROSE: Senior, loves Shakespeare. Straight A student.
  • MEREDITH MACKLEMORE: Senior, gifted science student. Genius level.
  • MINERVA HOUSEMAN: Senior, reserved, shy, picked on and bullied.
  • TAMMY VICKSBURG: Senior, head cheerleader, president of senior class.
  • LACEY ROBERTS: Senior, star athlete, captain of volleyball team.
  • MRS. OSHAY: English teacher, wants what’s best for her students.
  • MR. FLAMBEAU: Creepy school janitor.
  • CROSSING GUARD LADY: Ideally, Minerva in 1957, but can be played by another actress.
  • DR. FLABBERGAST: Science teacher in 1957.
  • OFFICER FLANEGAN: Fire safety officer in 1957 (Gender neutral.)
  • BEAT COP OMEARA: In 1957 (Gender neutral.)
  • OLGA ALEXANDROV: In 1957 (Offstage voice only.)
  • STUDENT #1 in 2017
  • STUDENT #2 in 2017
  • STUDENT #1 in 1957
  • STUDENT #2 in 1957
  • STUDENT #3 in 1957
  • VARIOUS TEACHERS AND STUDENTS in 2017 and 1957 (Non-speaking roles.)

Production Notes The Singular Scientific Occurrence at Flatiron River High School can be performed on a bare stage with the actors coming and going as though they are actually in a hallway, a school room, a cafeteria, etc. During scene changes actors bring on the things they will need for each scene such as chairs, small tables, etc. When the scene is over actors “strike” or remove what they brought on at the beginning of each scene. The wormhole effect can be accomplished by actors “jumping” through it off into the wings either stage right or left, whichever is more convenient for your particular staging of the production. The “little door” at the back of the room in scene five can be mimed near or at the wings, either stage right or left. Costuming can be as elaborate as you wish, but the 1957 scenes can be done by using suggestions of fifties attire such as letter sweaters, bluejeans that become “dungarees” etc. In scene seven when the girls need to change from 2017 attire to 1957 attire, this can be accomplished quickly and easily by stepping into long “poodle” type skirts worn over their 2017 attire, and draping a sweater over their shoulders tied at the front. Carrying a school book or two will complete the “fifties” look. At the end of the play, when Mr Flambeau jumps into the wormhole, the “different” effect can be accomplished by simply dimming the stage lights a bit.

The Setting
Flatiron River High School, now and then.


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Students rehearsing in Casey-Westfield Junior High School Choir's production.