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Class Reunion by Jay Hanagan


ISBN #1-933159-70-7
JAC #2006-0020a


The Cast

  • BERNIE: The owner-bartender-waiter; about sixty and conservatively gay.

  • JOANNE: An attractive lady of sixty-three years old.

  • CHARLES: Also sixty-three.

Class Reunion gives us Joanne, an attractive and recently widowed woman of sixty-three, about to face her high school class reunion—and some unpleasant ghosts from her past, Charles, the high school all-star quarterback.  Joanne and Charles’ connection to the past dramatically becomes apparent in an unexpected twist that leads to anything but closure for either of them.

The Scene... A friendly neighborhood restaurant bar. The Time ... The Present


About this Playwright

While Geneva, NY resident Jay Hanagan has been writing sketches and bits and poems since high school, he first tackled writing an entire play in 1999. That was the year he became involved with the Geneva Theatre Guild's Playwrights Playreadings program and decided to actually start (and finish) a play. They say to write what you know, so he set out to write "Poker Friends", which GTG accepted for their year 2000 reading. Not knowing that they had released a monster- (nothing emboldens a playwright more than to hear his words spoken out loud for the first time, and to have the audience laugh- when they're supposed to) -Jay has since completed many, many other full length and one act plays with several in the works. (He has trouble focusing.) His plays have either won competitions or been featured in scores of festivals from Alaska to Florida, Hollywood to Boston and New York City, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, Kansas and Texas. He has been internationally produced as well, having works presented in Canada, the United Kingdom and even Hong Kong.


This play is also available as part of Hanagan's full-length collection Reunions.

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