OPIUM by Will Hunter


Juliet and Demetrius embark on a revenge mission that ends not as expected. The resulting chaos causes Juliet to run for her life in a small town, where she encounters a disturbed teenager. She gets picked up by the police and sits in jail for the night, side-by side with an intensely disturbed jail mate that needs her saving.  Meanwhile, Detective Drake swoops in on what appears to be an open-and-shut case. It turns out he is a little out of his depth as he begins to unravel throughout the night. He embarrasses himself in front of a widow, loses his mind at a lake, makes a terrible scene at a Walgreens (or some similar convenience store) and shuts down at a local pub. In the morning, the detective makes his way to the police station just as Juliet is being released. The play ends with their confrontation. [Juliet's Dream Sequence is optional.]

Cast of Characters

(Some characters may be played by a male or female at the discretion of the individual production.)

  • DEMETRIUS: Male, 20-30

  • JULIET: Female, 20-30

  • OFFER McBRIDE: Male, 50-70

  • DETECTIVE DRAKE: Male, 30-50

  • OFFICER McNEAL: Male, 18-25

  • BEN/BETTY: Male/Female, 16-19

  • OFFICER McTAGGER: Male/Female, 20-30

  • MRS. McBRIDE: Female, comparable to Officer McBride

  • OFFICER McADAMS: Male, 20-30

  • OFFICER MacINTOSH: Female/Male, 20-50

  • OLIVE: Female, 55-65

  • CLARK: Male/Female, 16-22

  • EMMA: Female, 17-21

  • DRUNK/SEAN: Male, 50-70

  • BARTENDER: Male/Female, 30-70

ISBN #1-60513-275-6; JAC #2017-0003


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Read Scene IV

(A detective and a police officer kneel down next to the dead police officer.)


DETECTIVE DRAKE: Officer… Macintosh, was it?

OFFICER McNEAL: McNeal, sir. That’s… that’s Dave.


OFFICER McNEAL: (Nervously) Oh, uh Officer, um, Officer Dave McBride.

DETECTIVE DRAKE: Have a lot of Irish blood round here, do ya?


DETECTIVE DRAKE: Never mind… bad use of words anyway.

OFFICER McNEAL: I don’t know sir… this is pretty sketchy. You see, we don’t get anything like this round here. The biggest criminal I ever caught was a 17-year-old shoplifter. I just, I don’t know if I can do this.

DETECTIVE DRAKE: Look at me son! You are an officer of the law. You took an oath, and that was to protect this city of yours. This kind of thing won’t continue, and you won’t have to deal with it if you keep. Doing. Your Job. Got it?

OFFICER McNEAL: (Barely audible, intimidated.) It’s just… I don’t want to end up like poor Dave here. I have a family.

DETECTIVE DRAKE: (Stands up, as does McNeal) I get that. I have a family too, but right now, you are making me sick. You’re an official. Act like one. Grow some cajones! Get your head out of your ass! Besides, who's gonna kill you? What are you so nervous about? The criminal’s already caught.

OFFICER McNEAL: What? What do you mean?

DETECTIVE DRAKE: Look over there. The killer got his own taste of Officer McBride’s famous lead soup. (Walks him over to Demetrius’ body.) I figure, this piece of shit shot the banker over there as our dear late Officer McBride was strolling by. The officer quickly took his shot, and out of malice or something ill-conceived, this criminal fired two excellently aimed bullets at our Officer McBride, and he was out for the count. This piece of shit then bled out into the pavement, probably in a massive amount of pain, which he undoubtedly deserved. There we are, two bullets for the late banker, two for our dear, sweet Officer McBride, and one for the peace of shit.  Case closed.  One man, straight to Hell. (Indicates Demetrius)  One man, straight to Heaven. (Indicates McBride) One man, probably Purgatory. (Indicates Burt Evans)

OFFICER McNEAL: Really, Detective Drake?

DETECTIVE DRAKE: Really, you can go home to your family.

OFFICER McNEAL: Oh, wow. Ok! (Beat) Aren’t you coming too?

DETECTIVE DRAKE: Eh, I’ll stay here a bit longer, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Something doesn’t smell right; it might be nothing, though.

OFFICER McNEAL: Well, alright then. Goodnight!

(Detective Drake waves back at Officer McNeal, brings his attention back to the area around Demetrius’ body and then crouches down. After a second, he takes in a big whiff.)


(End Scene.)


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