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Every Few Seconds by Ben Klingemann

ISBN #1-60513-143-1
JAC #2011-0047


MAN IN SCRUBS: 20-30, a male nurse on his way to work
HOMELESS MAN: 40-60, a homeless man preparing for his daily nap

Bus Stop - Present

WOMAN IN THE PANT SUIT/MICHAELA: 30-50, a widow looking to let go
WOMAN IN THE DRESS/SARAH: 30-40, an ex– hoping to hold on

New York Memorial — September 2010

FATHER DAVID: 30-50, a Catholic Priest
DON: 20-40, a man mourning his brother’s loss
MARTHA: 50-60, Don’s mother
CINDY: 20-40, Don’s brother’s widow

Catholic Church Prayer Room — November 22, 1963

MAN: A twenty year old with a story to tell

Graveyard - Present


Death is a chance to prove your lastability... if lastability was a word. Every Few Seconds aims to celebrate life through reflection in the face of another's death. Each scene represents the struggle to smile through tears that one must face when losing a loved one. Different levels of grief and loss are explored through an optimistic point of view in this One-Act culminating in a Epilogue/Monologue that reveals the power one's love has even in the afterlife.


About the Playwright

Ben Klingemann holds a Bachelor's in Acting from the University of Northern Colorado where he learned the most important tools an actor needs in a script.

Every Few Seconds by Ben Klingemann

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