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The Red Room by Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger

ISBN #1-60513-147-4
JAC #2012-0003


Cast of Characters

  • JACK

  • JILL


  • DR. DICK

Plot Summary

The Red Room explores the very essence of the questions of quality of life and love. It attempts to honestly embrace what man can ever know about his reality. It's been called a modern version of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" where he lets Socrates describe a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. In Koepfinger's play, the cave becomes a womb where two unborn, Jack and Jill, question there present reality and ponder what awaits them beyond the womb.


The Setting

Midnight in what appears to be a dimly lit dungeon, but is actually a human womb with twins.


About this Playwright
Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger believes that creative energy is never lost... it just changes hands, hearts and minds. She holds an MA from Carnegie Mellon University and BA in Theatre Arts. In addition to writing plays, art theory and course curriculum, Koepfinger teaches composition, literature, and theatre courses at various universities.  Her published
Candledancing was originally produced in 1999 with British composer, Robert Hugill. Following that collaboration, their operetta, Garrett got raves in Opera News in 2001 for its performance at Hoxton Hall, London. A review of her play Sideshow compared her thematic style to Twilight Zone's master, Rod Serling.  Koepfinger has received awards from the Pittsburgh Foundation and Heinz Multicultural Arts Initiative and was named in Pittsburgh Magazine's Excellence in the Arts Awards.  Although, Koepfinger resides in Pittsburgh, most of her avant-garde work follows her spirit, which has thrived in New York City for the last twenty years. Other productions include Coffeehouse Magik at Brooklyn's Museum of Sound Recording, and Garrett, the Blue Giraffe at the Bay Area Festival in Sonoma. Her children's plays, Jack and the Talkback Beanstalk and Rudolph's Big Secret were named the most produced by its publisher Dramasource. Most recently, her piece The Guardian won acceptance into the 2009 Mother Daughter Monologues by the International Center for Women Playwrights.  Koepfinger is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, League of Professional Theatre Women / LPTW, and a Board Member of the International Center for Women Playwrights / ICWP.


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The Red Room by Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger

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