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Luau at Acorn Acres by Margie Langston

ISBN #1-60513-162-8
JAC #2012-0018

The Cast
All characters could be played by senior citizens; however, the manager could also be played by an actress of any age (or an actor, with minimal adjustments in lines and a name change to MEL)

  • MELISSA: The manager of Acorn Acres
  • IRMA: Strong – a leader among the residents
  • LOUISE: A follower and a hopeless romantic
  • FLO: Sweet, but more than a little addled, fatalistic like Eeyore
  • SAM: A widower; puts on a show of being a ladies’ man
  • VIVIAN: Sister of Irma, equally strong-willed; teaches Hula dancing

Everything is on schedule for the big luau at the senior retirement community of Acorn Acres. Irma, the take-charge, head of the resident council and the other residents decorate, reminisce, and clash with the penny-pinching manager. Then the hula girl cancels and a substitute must be found. In walks Vivian. She’s flamboyant, flirtatious – and the long-estranged sister of pragmatic Irma. An old feud has kept these two apart for many years, and they clash amidst the party atmosphere at the evening luau. Eventually, the two sisters find a way to reconcile and put the past behind them – and the dance goes on!

The Setting

The Present. The community room of Acorn Acres, a Seniors Retirement Community. The center of the stage is taken up with a couch or loveseat, flanked by end tables and a few upholstered or straight-back chairs. In one corner of the stage is a desk with a phone, file boxes and a computer. It could be partly partitioned off. This is the manager’s office. There is another area upstage which is a coffee station with a large urn of coffee.

Note on Music: Any 1950’s era Hawaiian music can be used for background. One original song, “I Want to Back to That Little Grass Shack” is included as the dance number in the last scene. Sheet music to this is available by request to the publisher.


Author Biography

Margie Langston lives and works in Richmond, Virginia, where she is a property manager and, at one time, managed a retirement community. She studied playwriting at the University of Virginia and has been involved in local theatre for many years. Her one-act play “Out to Dry” was a winner in the 2007 St. Tammany’s One Act Play Festival in Covington, Louisiana, and a full-length play, “Last Wagon West,” received a staged reading at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond in 2010. She also writes and produces sketches for the On-the-Air Radio Players, a group that performs old-time radio shows each year for live audiences, and records them for podcasting. An hour-long audio drama, “Kept in the Dark” was produced by the Shoestring Radio Theatre of San Francisco in 2006. She credits the Richmond Playwrights Forum with kickstarting her writing again after a long hiatus while raising her two amazing and creative children.

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Luau at Acorn Acres by Margie Langston

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