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Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Creature
Adapted for the stage by Michael McGarty, based on the novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

ISBN #1-933159-15-4

3 Men, 1 Woman & 5 Ensemble

  • VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN: A young man (mid-20s) driven by an unholy passion to his destruction. His thirst for scientific knowledge is limitless, yet he is compassionate towards his friends and family.
  • THE CREATURE : An ensemble of 5 lithe actors (male & female) whose diverse vocal tones and dance-oriented movements work together to reflect the extreme emotions of the one creature. The actors should be of various heights (one should be very tall). They should move as one body, twisting and turning around each other to portray the horrific muscle movements of the creature’s body. Character lines are broken up into a choral fluidity. Sometimes they all speak a portion of a line; other times only one speaks. Voices should feel free to enter or exit a line on any word.
  • ELIZABETH LAVENZA: Victor’s fiancée. Mid-20s. A strong woman who knows her own mind.
  • PROFESSOR WALDMAN: A professor of natural sciences at the University of Ingoldstat. He has the ability to inspire and motivate young minds to greatness.
  • HENRY CLERVAL: Victor’s trusted childhood friend (mid-20s), who possesses a love for the liberal arts and tries to protect Victor from his destructive passion.

The classic tale, seen more through the eyes of the Creature vs. the "main" characters.

The Setting
The front and back of the stage are split by a black scrim bounded on either side SR and SL by gothic archways. The scrim can rise from one black cord attached on the bottom at the center to allow easy movement between front and back center during scenes 3, 5 and 6, and to create a vaulted appearance.
Any Gothic appointments can be made to the setting to enhance the atmosphere:


  • DCR, a Gothic style bench


  • Scene 2: A university podium is set L
  • Scenes 3 & 5: Victor’s laboratory
  • CR: Castered wagon with Gothic doorway (for easy change)
  • CL: Creature’s creation table on similar castered platform
  • Scene 6: Elizabeth’s bedroom
  • CR: Stair unit leading to french doors
  • CL: Chair and small table

MMcGarty.jpg (9706 bytes)Author Biography
Michael McGarty has an MA in French Theatre from Middlebury College (VT) and has acted as the Artistic Director for the Harvard Community Theatre (www.harvardtheatre.org) since its inception in 1989.  He has directed more than 100  plays over the past 30 years. During the 2002 theatre season, his production of 'night, Mother? won Best Production at the EMACT festival and his production of Acts and Contrition won Best Production at the MHSDG festival. He was honored in 1997 with the EMACT award for Best Director for his production of Still Life.  As the head of the theatre department at the Bromfield School, he has developed an acting program for students in grades 6-12. He also works as a member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild.

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$7.50/individual copy

$30/performance royalty

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