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Requiem by Sandra McNiff

ISBN #1-933159-47-2

2M/2W & 1 young girl

  • LINDA: a disorganized college student with a term paper deadline, she hastens to complete it. She listens to the Mozart Requiem for the first time, hoping to find inspiration.
  • MOZART: The Ghost of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wants to tell his story to the world, but has to get Linda’s attention and confidence.
  • GRETCHEN: Nannerl’s maid, a wide-eyed, innocent teenager, has a more polished manner and speech pattern than one would expect of a servant. She is a chatterbox, though, and often speaks without thinking.
  • SUESSMAYR: Mozart’s composition student, 25, has the daunting task of finishing the Requiem. Nervous, unsure of himself, and a heavy drinker, he tries to give the impression of aggrandizement.
  • NANNERL: Maria Anna Walpurgia Mozart von Berchtold du Sonnenburg, 40, Mozart’s older sister, resembles her brother. Married to an aristocrat 15 years her senior, she plays the part of the good wife and mother to her own child and 5 stepchildren. As society of the time dictated, she was taught to be subservient to men. However, her musicianship cannot be hidden, although she must practice it in relative secrecy. Her suppressed desires and memories of being the child prodigy are the impetus behind her outward anger and bitterness toward her brother and his genius.

Plot Summary
Linda is in a panic. She has left her term paper about the Mozart Requiem until the last minute. As she looks to the Internet, the Ghost of Mozart appears, promising her an ‘A’ for the course if she writes the story that he has been trying to tell for centuries. Mozart claims that his sister Nannerl, not his student Suessmayr, completed the Requiem, contrary to all research. After telling his story to Linda, thus accomplishing his mission, a satisfied Mozart takes his leave. He is now certain that the world will learn the truth. But, will his story ever reach the music lovers of the world? It is in Linda’s hands.

The stage is divided into two playing areas: Linda’s study Stage Right, and Nannerl’s parlor Stage Left. The Ghost of Mozart must be able to cross between the two playing areas.

SR – Linda’s study: computer desk and chair, computer CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, CD player (may be part of computer)
SL – Nannerl’s parlor: porcelain heater, coat rack, pianoforte (or clavier, or harpsichord) placed with keys facing upstage, bench, wooden music stand, small table next to music stand, upholstered chair, loveseat, occasional table and 2 chairs, portrait of Mozart family on wall over piano

Sandra_McNiff.jpg (593082 bytes)Author Biography
Sandra McNiff is a speech-language pathologist, actress, and soprano who has a passion for writing. She has been involved in some aspect of theater or music for more than 40 years. During her career, she has produced and directed a children’s summer theater, worked as a professional puppeteer, performed in musical and non-musical theatrical presentations, staged chancel dramas and pageants, and served in various technical capacities, from stage hand to sound technician. In addition, she has written grants and volunteered as an officer and board member of several artistic organizations.

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